Meeke believes that Citroën fault with the program Breen


Within the very discreet season Citroën Racing in WRC, world premiere of Citroën C3 WRC by, one of the few reasons to smile in the midst of the French team was the emergence of Craig Breen. Maybe his pace is still not at the height of the best, but the irish pilot did show a great regularity that allowed him to finish the season in tenth position, with up to six-fifths posts harvested throughout the year. Therefore, Kris Meeke believes that Citroën Racing was a mistake giving Breen a program of ten rallies to accommodate three tests to Sébastien Loeb.

despite this opinion, Kris Meeke has pointed out in ‘Motorsport News’ his admiration for Sébastien Loeb and all that it represents: I’m really pleased to have Sébastien Loeb in the back. I would venture to say that there is a rider that is the last, as it was away from the WRC full-time for five years. Even so, it is a nine-time world champion and there is no better exponent of our sport that Loeb. It is a pilot of very high calibre and would have been fantastic to see it returned to full-time with Citroen, not only to perform three rallies”.

however, Meeke did not hesitate to leave a small jab at Citroën: having Said that, I don’t think that is correct to take to Craig Breen’s car in three rallies. It is not my decision, but for me it has done enough over the past year to deserve the second seat of the team and a full-time program in 2018. I’ve been in the World enough years to know how much benefit a pilot to have a complete program and I think that is what you should have done. In my opinion, it is not good that the pilot who is gaining experience to have that done to one side“.