Meeke: “We are puppets sent to make money”


it Was the most short of the history of the WRC, but the Rally of Sweden took place. Many were the efforts of the promoter to get the celebration of a rally that had barely survived 12 of the 21 special. However, the attitude of the FIA left a lot to be desired, and in addition to the outbreak of the boycott that the drivers made to the SS2, it seems that this way of proceeding has left behind among their own crews. Kris Meeke has been the most loquacious and has been critical of the FIA, the promoter of the WRC by the attitude shown.

it Is a general feeling for the pilots that their integrity and security did not maketo on many times to drive with tires of nails in areas where there was not snow enough. And in the background, it rains on wet-because similar situations were lived in the Rally of Australia last year, when the stretches night were also criticized by the pilots. In this line, Kris Meeke explained: “In Sweden they told us that if we were worried about something, what communication prior to the rally, but that’s what we did before the Rally of Australia last year and not made the case“.


“there Were about 25 messages in the three months between the announcement
the itinerary and the departure of the Rally of Sweden. did Not do anything and
we are very angry
. Above we have been informed that there will be sections
night the coming year”
explains Kris Meeke. Neither short nor lazy, the
british has been hardening in ‘Autosport’ your address: Makes ten
this years Rally Sweden had been cancelled
, but now the program
there are to follow to be able to have images of television. It seems that
no one understands that for the pilot it’s a nightmare to drive on roads
so with nails. At these rates you can not afford“.

“it Seems
today care more about the money than the security of its own
pilots. We are puppets sent to make money and to have
images of television, regardless of anything else. If Sweden does not organize a
rally winter appropriate, we survive without them,”
sentence a Kris
Meeke seems to have been heard already that the situation experienced in the
Rally Sweden will be reviewed between the drivers and the FIA in the face
Rally Mexico. The atmosphere is heated and the discomfort is palpable,
so anything can happen.