Meet Edna, the electric van of Atieva which annihilates large sports in the Drag Race

Atieva is a relatively young business that comes with a desire to conquer the world. Their prototype tests called Edna is a electric van whose power of acceleration is able to blush to many current sports that are a point of reference within its scope. The last test to which it has been subjected these days is to clash against a BMW i8 and a Dodge Viper in a Drag Race a 1/4 mile.

During this last test, Edna manages to finish the 1/4 mile in just 11,3 seconds achieving an acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour (96,56 km/h) in less than three seconds, 2,94 seconds to be exact. With these figures managed to leave behind easily to both the eccentric sports of BMW, and one of the icons of the fair american, the very Dodge Viper.


Edna prepared to deal with the Dodge Viper and BMW i8

The evolution of Edna is palpable since his first test was on the point of reaching 60 m/h from standstill in three seconds, but stood at the doors to get to the red line coming in is 3.08 seconds. However he had enough time to beat a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari California without problems.

What is the secret of Edna?

The charismatic prototype testing of Atieva is a Mercedes Vito modified to accommodate in its interior a electrical system high-performance four-wheel drive. The total power of this system adds nothing less than 900 HP produced continuously together with a set of batteries 87 kWh capacity. The objective of the company is to continue to trim the clock to get the 2.7 sec in the 0-60 miles per hour.


Sketch of the first vehicle of Atieva with clear aspirations sports

The mother of future models

As we have already commented, Edna is nothing more than a prototype testing for the development of a power system of high performance that do not will be condemned to live in this van forever. The set of electric motors, and traction batteries will end up being transplanted to new vehicles of which we have very good expectations. Sedans electric luxury and high performance as competitors of Tesla and even sports cars. If this electrical system is capable of moving to a van like this… What would be able to do in the heart of a supercar?