Meet Graham: able to survive any traffic accident

Graham - capaz de sobrevivir a cualquier accidente de tráfico

The skull of Graham has been designed to be able to absorb any impact. It resembles a helmet.

we present to You “Graham“. And no, before you comment anything, this is not a traveler’s special, which for whatever reason has come to stop the earth. It is a specimen of Human? to be able to survive any type of traffic accident. Created by the artist Patricia Piccini, this is the result of a road safety campaign launch by Commission of Transport Accidents (TAC) of Australia.

Graham shows us the aspect as it would be human if it had been designed to survive any accident on the road. Its entire morphology has been adapted to cope with any type of incident. And it is obvious that, for example, lacks neck. Although this detracts mobility, Piccini has been mentioned that considerably reduces the risk of injury in an accident.

Another of the aspects most striking of the body of Graham is his torso. And is that below each of their breasts find something that is similar to what would be an airbag car. These “bags” are located between each of the ribs. Nor can we fail to mention the huge head that has our friend Graham. And is that, as well, says Patricia, his skull has been designed to absorb any kind of impact. In the same way that you would a motorcycle helmet, for example.

Graham - capaz de sobrevivir a cualquier accidente de tráfico

Their feet are very different. His new form allows you to exit more easily from a mixture of irons.

But, how it has come to this bizarre conclusion? At a glance Graham transmits to us to be a very tough and strong able to withstand any blow. Or at least that is what they transmit to us the images. Patricia Piccini, the artist who, as we say, is behind this sculpture, has come to the conclusion that this should be the human definite to survive the traffic accidents on the basis of various reports of accidents with fatalities.

And is that after analyzing the main causes that have led to the death of people involved in traffic accidents, Piccini has sought the solution to avoid this. Indeed, we could say that Graham we anticipate the look would be human if it had evolved to be able to survive traffic accidents. And that is, if it lacks the neck or the skull is much more robust, significantly reduces the chances of dying in an accident.

The sculpture will be on display until the 8th of August, in the library of the State of Victoria. Visitors will also be able to use the technology “Tango” Google’s augmented reality to look “under the skin” of Graham and know best how to adapt your body to the accidents of traffic.

Know “Graham”, the only man capable of surviving any car accident.