Meeting of height: Civic Type R, Civic WTCC and the Honda RC213V Moto GP, video

Interesting meeting that has led to Honda in the circuit Tazio Nuvolari, in Cervesina (Italy). The two Honda Civic sport at the time, on the asphalt: Honda Civic Type R is the expression most sports on four wheels and to road of the japanese manufacturer, while the Honda Civic WTCC is a regular on the circuit, participating in the World Touring car Championship.

If to these two cars, we add a bike, the spectacle is served. And this is not a motorcycle any: the third participant in this video is the Honda RC213V, coming from the LCR Honda MotoGP team, piloted by Jack Miller. In the case of cars, there are no less that four units of the Type R on the road, piloted by Gabriele Tarquini, Gordon Shedden, Matt Neal and Jack Clarke, alongside Tiago Monteiro, in the latter case the steering wheel of the Civic WTCC.


An interesting detail of this video is its vision 360 ┬░ : clicking on any of the four directions of the “joystick” that appears in the top left you can change the angle of vision, showing a complete picture: for example, the side of the cameras on board, almost as if you were in the heart of the action.

The Honda Civic Type R is already on sale in Spain, with a price from 34,500 persons euros. For that money you will get one of the compact most rabid and radical, and we are not only referring to its aggressive exterior and interior design. Its new engine of 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo develops 310 HP, and its chassis -with a limited-slip differential and Brembo brakes – it is really fast and effective.

A proof of this is that this Civic Type R pulverized the record at the N├╝rburgring among front wheel drive vehicles, stopping the clock at 7 minutes and 50 seconds. Finally, remind yourself that you don’t miss our test of the Honda Civic Type R in the circuit of the SlovakiaRing, where we tell you what we have similar to the model in sporty driving, to the limit…