Memorable: this is the submerged Top Gear on the Lotus Esprit submarine from James Bond

At times the film leaves us with memorable scenes, amazing, science fiction. In 1977, during the filming of the delivery The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond, they thought it convenient that 007 – played by Roger Moore – escape in a Lotus Esprit submarine. And what pull of special effects, when you can make your dreams a reality? The Lotus Esprit submarine exists and is still preserved. Also hides a beautiful story of abandonment and discovery, since during more than ten years ago we knew nothing about their whereabouts. And the proof that the Lotus Esprit is still immersed we have it in this article of Top Gear.

When you see these stories it’s normal to mourn for the fact that the trio of Clarkson, May and Hammond, no longer go on to star in ever more Top Gear. At least we congratularemos to continue to do mischief in a program for Amazon Prime, a program that will come to light in the coming year. Richard Hammond is proposed to test the ability of the underwater Lotus Esprit with a walk that was part of the special on the 50 years of the cars of James Bond, in the season 18 of Top Gear, in 2012.

Lotus Esprit submarine, which has been auctioned on several occasions by amounts in the millions, was a work of Perry Oceanographic (see history of the Lotus Esprit submarine). But the reality of the film Roger Moore is that most of the scenes in which this Esprit is listed under the sea were filmed with a replica to scale of 1/4 that moved on rails in the bottom of the sea.

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