Mercedes 190 E 2.6 Cabriolet (1990): the C-Class Cabrio that never got to see the light

As you already know, has just presented the new C-Class Cabriolet from Mercedes, which will go on sale in the coming months. The Mercedes 190 E (box W201) were the predecessors of the Class C, which truly inaugurated the concept of a premium saloon dimension contained in Mercedes – hence its nickname Baby Benz. What you perhaps didn’t know was that a convertible version of the veteran W201 was about to be launched in the year 1990. Why not saw finally the light this predecessor of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio?

With the facelift of the Mercedes W201 1988 Mercedes valued very seriously launch a cabrio affordable.

The Mercedes 190 E were the Mercedes, cheapest of the time. Were a box incredibly popular in our country, and were on the verge of receiving a convertible version. In the year 1990 Mercedes presented at society this functional prototype, which right now fill your displays. It was a fully functional machine, and was ready to be produced in series with the approval of the board of Mercedes. As you can imagine, such a thing did not happen. Other plans got in the way in the way.

mercedes-w201-cabrio-3And those plans have responded to the name of W124. The E Class of the era premiered in 1992, his brand-new convertible version, size top and engines of six cylinders. The main market for these convertibles was the united States, and at that time, the W124 were the most popular. The preference of the american public for the larger vehicles, made the proposal of a W201 convertible outside dismissed. The only copy produced is the property of Mercedes, exposed in the museum of Stuttgart.

Mercedes chose to produce a version cabrio of the W124, more great, luxurious and expensive.

it Was a car really nice and provided. The W201 are youngtimers precious, and the combination of wheels and colors chosen for this convertible was especially lovely. 15-inch wheels alloy – from-the-line Sport of the W201 – and a body in light blue color, joined with a cabin four-seater real, lined in leather of blue colour. Length almost identical to that of a 190 E four door, had a elegant fabric top to close the tray.

mercedes-w201-cabrio-5This hood was completely hidden from view when the car was traveling in the open air, and it was electric drive. The engine chosen for this convertible was the top of the W201 – without going to the Cosworth. Known as “V16” internally, this 2.6 six-cylinder in-line was able to develop some very correct 166 BHP of power air and was associated to an automatic gearbox of four relations. What do you think of this 190 E Cabriolet? Would he have been successful?

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