Mercedes 500 E: 25 years of the prodigal son of Porsche and Mercedes

25 years ago that he started the production of Mercedes 500 E . This sport sedan was the most dynamic Mercedes offered at the time, regardless of the version E 60 AMG of Mercedes W124 , in which it was based. The peculiarity of this sports sedan was that their development and production took place between Sindelfingen and Zuffenhausen: all units sold were manufactured by Porsche in their production lines. An interesting modern classic that today we look at their 25th anniversary.

Discretion has never been so quick

In 1993 he received the train braking highest caliber of Mercedes 600 SL.

Mercedes was proposed in the late 80 building one of the fastest sedans of time , but with the usual discretion of the best days of Mercedes. Under its hood you could find a naturally aspirated V8 five-liter engine, a similar engine displacement to V8 Mercedes 500 SL, but built with a common crankshaft to a new family of engines equipped with electronic injection Mercedes. This new crankshaft allowed this engine to 500 E would grant a center of gravity lower than the 500 SL.

mercedes-500-e-6 By electronic injection Bosch LH-Jetronic and careful tuning, it was possible that this V8 arrojase no less than 326 hp at 5,700 rpm in 1990 . Associated with an automatic transmission – also derived from the 500 SL, with his team braking – this sedan was able to make the 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.1 seconds . Perhaps they not impress these figures now, but we speak of a saloon released when some of those present were still taking baby bottles and jars.

During the last months of production, shared line with Audi RS2 Avant, also manufactured by Porsche.

The top speed of this superberlina was 250 km / h, limited electronically. Without the limiter, speaking of cars exceeded 280 km / h. Aesthetically it differed from other Mercedes W124 for more gross train set. The track width was superior and high performance tires mounted. Therefore, wheel arches were flared and a slightly sportier bumpers were installed, but equally discreet than the rest of the car. Her series of headlight, another distinctive feature light.

mercedes-500-e-2 Inside we were the usual luxury and quality of Mercedes of the time. True quality that even today looks like then. Porsche participated as a partner in development car, with the idea that both companies aprendiesen of their production methods. Fortunately for Porsche, whose financial situation was really desperate in the early 90s – he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Porsche also participated in the development of this car and was joining the company that, almost complete.

New cost a whopping 145,590 frames, twice a Mercedes 300 E standard.

supplying components to Mercedes and Porsche in Zuffenhausen piecing the puzzle. A Mercedes suited him so use the capabilities of Porsche, and adapted to low-volume models. The totality of the 10,479 units left lines Zuffenhausen , its own internal code. A small run of units – only 45 calls E 500 Limited – outfitting the 6.0 V8 376 hp Mercedes E 60 AMG , turning them into real wolves in sheep’s clothing. Optionally, Porsche increased the power of the V8 to 399 hp.

mercedes-500-e-15 The car benefited the middle of its life cycle facelift of the Mercedes W124 , and its name changed to Mercedes E 500 , although nothing changed in mechanics or performance of the car.

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