Mercedes A-Class 2017: revealing more details of the new generation

Mercedes Clase A 2017 - foto espía

The new generation of the Mercedes A-Class testing in Spain.

Launched in the year 2012, the third generation of the Class (which is currently available in the market), already have the days counted. And is that the new generation (the fourth) of the compact Mercedes is more and more near. Proof of this are these new spy photos of the Mercedes A-Class 2017 here. Our photographers have managed to get the hang of it during a test session here in Spain.

The new Mercedes A-Class (W177) you receive a wide variety of changes in all aspects. From the aesthetic to the technological passing by the mechanic. And that is, if the aesthetic change that we live with the advent of the third generation was radical, we might well say the same of what is in store for us. Is more, we only have to take a look at these spy photos to prove it.

Although this unit’s Mercedes A-Class 2017 that we have managed to photograph has a significant amount of camouflage, we can catch a glimpse of some of the design changes that characterize the new Mercedes Class A. And as we say, not be less. new mirrors or a backdoors more elongated are some of these design changes that we will see.

Mercedes Clase A 2017 - foto espía

The new Mercedes A-Class will feature design changes very important.

on the other hand, this test unit also has a front profile very low. In comparison with the Class To current, both the headlights as the grill are located in a lower position. In addition, we can also appreciate the proportions that will have the new Mercedes Class A.

At a technological level, according to the information we have, the new Class of 2017 will benefit from the latest systems and assistants to the conduction developed by Mercedes-Benz, and that we find in the latest releases of the company. Of course, to this we must add the latest generation of the system of info-entertainment with which to be able to create an environment more connected.

And on the (mechanical, there will also be changes, as they will benefit from a range of more efficient engines and performance. There will be both options petrol as well as diesel. For the moment has not been spoken nothing of a possible hybrid variant plug-in, although it is not something that you should dismiss.

Mercedes Clase A 2017 - foto espía

the profile of The new Mercedes A-Class 2017, to detail.

By the way, these are the first spy photos of the Mercedes A-Class 2017 that have been taken in the public way. To date, the new-generation A-Class had not been seen testing on roads open to vehicular traffic.