Mercedes allows you to configure the sleigh of santa Claus final


Set up your sled, badass, sporty or elegant. You choose

Mercedes brings out your festive spirit with a unique online configurator that lets you create a sleigh of santa Claus custom. Builds the frame definitive to our friendly friend that we visit each year for these festivities. You’ll be able to choose between different bodies that evoke the past with the Silver Arrow, this with the Mercedes G-Class or forward to the future with the Mercedes F 015 Concept.

After choosing the type of body we will choose the pitch for the same between Red Nose Reindeer, Green Pine leaves, Black, Silent Night, Silver Metallic Angel Hair, or Gold Rattle. Between the skis is to choose between the conventional ‘Exclusive’, the dynamic ‘Avant-garde’ and the fast ‘AMG’.

type of traction it is also important even for santa Claus. We must choose an option between the ‘4MATIC’ four reindeer ‘Hybrid’ of two reindeer + two horses and the beastly ‘AMG’ of muscular reindeer with the glowing eyes. Finally, the optional equipment is also very important. The endowment of series we can add the security package Guardian Angel, the navigation system, Shooting Star and the Intelligent Lighting System that consists of a Gnome with an LED flashlight.

We have chosen the body of the G-Class in green color with skis and propulsion AMG. As a culmination of what we have provided them with all the extras possible. Sure that santa Claus will make it more pleasing to your job with this sled. Show us your design. By the way, great and original work on the part of Mercedes.