Mercedes already produces cars in Brazil

Mercedes ya produce coches en Iracemapolis, BrasilThe new factory of Mercedes in Iracemápolis, Brazil, has already started to work. The German brand has already put into operation its first plant for passenger cars in South america, forming part of a new network of factories worldwide, they try to cater to their markets, natives. Comparable factories are located in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Initially in Brazil will manufacture the Mercedes C Class sedan. A unit of this model has been commissioned to inaugurate the production line, and was later used for the opening act to the authorities. At the beginning of summer will be added to the second model to the production line of Iracemápolis, the Mercedes GLA. In its initial phase, the brazilian plant of Mercedes has the capacity to produce to 20,000 units a year.

Mercedes ya produce coches en Iracemapolis, BrasilMercedes has invested more than 145 million in the construction and adaptation of the factory in Iracemápolis, which has taken 19 months from approval of the project. Directly will be created 600 jobs in the region, to which must be added those created by suppliers of the factory and other facilities. The levels of automation in Iracemápolis are less than those of other factories of Mercedes.

to train workers, Mercedes account with the help of the national service for industrial training SENAI, in addition you have enabled it in their own facilities a training centre. Some employees are also sent to other factories of the brand in order to become familiar with the production processes and quality. Mercedes will also have a social impact important in the region, collaborating with local schools and universities for the promotion of employment.

Mercedes ya produce coches en Iracemapolis, BrasilMercedes-Benz do Brasil was founded in 1956 and now, over 60 years later, has its own factory of cars in Brazil, where it has manufactured buses and trucks. 2015 was the year of best figures for this division of the German mark.

Mercedes ya produce coches en Iracemapolis, Brasil

aerial View of the factory of Mercedes in Iracemápolis (Brazil)

Source – Mercedes

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