Mercedes-AMG ahead three images of the new sports saloon GT4


A prototype of the first sports saloon from Mercedes-AMG tested aerodynamic in the installations of Mercedes in Germany

Is one of the scenarios that have walked the different prototypes and mock-ups to scale real of the new Mercedes-AMG GT4, the wind tunnel of Mercedes in Sindefingen where it has been photographed as a preview of what we’ll see at the Geneva motor show in just a few days.

But also because we have been able to show you some pictures published by Tobias Moers during one of the test cycles in which said has been at the helm of the sports saloon, this advance put on towards the German model towards the appointment to switzerland where it will be presented, along a year later and in the same event which was anticipated with the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, very faithful to the production model.

that will be the first saloon of high performance developed entirely by the of of Affalterbach it looks almost completely camouflaged without hardly any differences between the spy photos we have been seeing throughout their development and especially in the last few days, although it is true that in these developments we can see more clearly the shape of the headlamps and the grille with the vertical bars slightly warped, as well as a larger air intakes in the bumper, necessary to cool the huge wattage that will develop their blocks.


On a bank of rollers, the specialists in aerodynamics of Mercedes testing the behavior of the sports saloon channeling the air towards the ground

With the sights set on the Porsche Panameraa, we are still eager to know if you really take the name of the model with which we have known throughout their development, or will opt for other more specific taking into account that the name “GT4” was a reference to his form of a saloon traditional three volumes and four doors, something that the mark of the star has managed to disguise very well to cover for us that really was a hatchback with a tailgate in a configuration of “liftback”.

The new business names registered by Mercedes for their versions AMG also may be behind the name of this model to differentiate the different power levels that will offer, even baraj├índose the possibility that enter the name of “Panamerica” followed by the letters R and S to differentiate between versions, for which we still have a few days to wait and to know these details.

The new saloon will be on sale after the summer, from the month of September, in the main european markets, american and chinese, with a few large estimates of sales handled by the division of sport although some internal sources admit that it could surpass the estimated demand.


The aerial view shows the curve produced by the wind passing by your body