Mercedes AMG C43 2018 Facelift caught for the first time, rolling on the road


Larger tires and a bumper, more aggressive and well-hidden.

These are the first images that have been taken from the version AMG C43 4MATIC of the new C-Class Mercedes-Benz. Taken in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, the Mercedes-AMG are finalizing the details of this model, an update that will involve a facelift of the middle life cycle for the sports sedan.

In the last few months, our photographers have managed to capture several copies of the Mercedes C-Class facelift, and even some unit laboratory, testing electrical components in the front, like energy recovery systems or sensors, driving systems autonomous. However, this is the first occasion on which we can see the future version AMG C43 rolling on the outside.

In previous occasions, the mules of testing the C-Class is distinguished by having poor camouflage, concentrated in the lower area of the bumper, and with the optics of the current model, but, the unit of the pictures shows a camouflage more severe, that tries to hide all over the front, and a large part of the rear.


Back also covered.

In the morro we found the bumper to the full and the grill to be hidden with vinyl, although it can clearly be seen the openings on its ends, where are located the air inlet side. In behind the rear bumper is also camouflaged completely, but you can clearly see the exhaust outlets on the side.

optical groups belong to the Class C current, so that we do not find differences or new developments, however the five-spoke wheels double are of great size, much larger than usual that you employ these prototypes, and that we had already seen before in other units tested by AMG.

A detail rather curious of this unit is the the presence of the
rear windows tinted
. A finish that is anything but usual
found in these specimens for tests and less in an environment
of so little light, but obviously they are there for something, hide
everything possible to the interior of the model.