Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate, 700 horses for the family with Posaidon

Posaidon Mercedes-AMG C63 EstatePosaidon is not known for preparations visually striking, in fact, focuses on increasing the power and benefits of the models that pass through its facilities without seem. Is what has happened to the new Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate, to see how your engine supercharged V8 has received a more than pleasant start to point. Posaidon offers us 700 horses for the family.

do Not expect great changes in your body, because it is satisfied with the already aggressive image of the C Estate AMG series. Posaidon focuses on its capabilities, and it is that believes in a family member with power of supercar not only through improvements in the engine, but also new mechanics designed to improve its effectiveness and digest better delivery of force.

Posaidon Mercedes-AMG C63 EstateThe engine V8 4.0-liter and double-boost generates now 700 horses and 890 Nm of torque. It has been achieved thanks to the installation of a new exhaust system, new turbochargers and a new electronics. There is also improved cooling system thinking of the new needs of the mechanics.

The trainer has ready for this Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate a couple of necessary elements with similar potential. One of them is a new rear axle and a automatic transmission reinforced. Optionally the customer can also opt to have a rear differential improved. Is no nonsense, because this AMG now close the 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and reaches the 343 km/h tip.

Posaidon Mercedes-AMG C63 EstatePosaidon also noticed in some of the details that can convince the client type of this supercar family. Your new potential is probably not case with the Stop/Start system as standard, which can be deleted, but it also offers a update of radars in the navigation system. Nor is it that the Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate series things were going to be less decisive with the topic radar…

Source – Posaidon

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