Mercedes-AMG confirms the 1000 HP for your next hiperdeportivo hybrid


power Unit of the team Mercedes-AMG Formula 1.

it Was in the Paris Salon when Mercedes-AMG confirmed the development of a new hiperdeportivo, under the internal code R50, which will feature technology derived directly from the single-seater of the mark of the World Championship of Formula 1.

details on the new hiperdeportivo hybrid are scarce, contrary to the speculations that revolve after the project, but this week in Los Angeles, coinciding with the celebration of THE Auto Show, responsible for the brand have shed some more light on the project.

This will arrive in 2017, ready to celebrate the half-century of Mercedes-AMG, although this division belongs, from relatively recently, the original company founded by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, the “A” and ”M” of the name of the brand, was born already in 1967.


Teaser of the new Mercedes-AMG R50.

deliveries of the new hiperdeportivo of Mercedes-AMG will be in the same 2017 and its production is an estimated, words of Tobias Moers, between 200 and 300 copies. This lack of rigor in the final figure may mean that they are selling to loyal clients and collectors, and still have not finished that process. According to sell, those manufactured.

we Knew that the mechanics would be a derivative of the power unit which employs the brand currently in the cars of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, including the auxiliary systems for electric, although little else is known. The own Moers has been the manager of the claim that the power will be about 1,000 horses.

What we can expect, especially if we take for valid the teaser that the brand presented in the past Hall of Paris 2016, is a kind of two-seater with an aerodynamic similar to the prototypes of the WEC, maybe similar to the joint project of Aston Martin and Red Bull, the AM-RB 001.


Time of the revelation of the project R50 in Paris 2016.

One of the speculations that Moers denied was the involvement of Lotus Engineering, who had been identified as a collaborator in the project R50, specifically in the area of chassis and handling.