Mercedes-AMG confirms the development of the hiperdeportivo with hybrid technology of Formula 1


The first teaser of the new hiperdeportivo.

After the live presentation of the new Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster in Paris, we have been the surprise of the official confirmation of the mark of the development of the rumored hiperdeportivo hybrid Mercedes. After a press conference in which we called attention to the lack of real news, the new GT Roadster and GT C Roadster have already been revealed online, in the last bars of the presentation, the spokesperson for the brand confirmed to alive voice the development of this new sport, while appeared first teaser, to silhouette mode on the screen of the stage.

The first rumors appeared this summer, when members of the team Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 apparently revealed in an interview with Evo magazine that the brand was already concluding the development of the model. This was all a flurry of rumors and speculations about the nature of the new sport, which for the moment is known as R50.

That name seems to be due to the date on which it would be presented, the 50th anniversary of AMG, which will take place in 2017.


Mercedes-AMG Vision Concept.

After numerous speculations due to the lack of official response, to the end of August, a member of the same team of Formula One confirmed not only that the German mark was working in the hiperdeportivo hybrid, but that ultimately would be a derivative of the actual mechanical of the cars of the silver Mercedes out of F1.

Though there was to speculate with the possibility that the course R50 would be a four-cylinder turbo engine, finally, the words of this employee indicated that it will have the V6 engine turbo 1.6-liter single-seater F1 W07 Mercedes-AMG. Combined with a hybrid system, which we understand would also be a derivative of the employee in the car, the new sport of street would be a power among the 1,000 and 1,500 HP, of which about 900 HP would be delivered by the V6 Turbo.

For the moment, the only thing that we do know is that the brand really is developing the hiperdeportivo and that this will have hybrid technology derived from Formula 1. As to its mechanical details or data marketing, really don’t know anything. But now the latest rumors seem to point in the right direction.

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