Mercedes-AMG E 55 4MATIC: what is the forging of the return of a mythical name?

Mercedes Clase E Coupé 2017 - foto espía

Mercedes debate the return of the name Mercedes-AMG E 55 4MATIC.

Makes it a matter of a few hours, our photographers spy managed to take the glove to the two prototypes are very interesting based on the new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017, and Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017. what Is coming their respective versions AMG? As a priori is what it may seem, but after these spy photos there is much more background that jumps to the view a priori. It is for this reason that we have set out to investigate.

After finding a major source, we had access to some very interesting information about the plans of Mercedes-Benz for options more sports that we can find in the range of both variants of the Class E. The new generation of the E-Class Coupé and E-Class Cabrio you do not have a version “pure AMG”, so the two prototypes that we see in these photographs do not make reference to a hypothetical Mercedes-AMG AND 43 Cabrio and E 43 Coupe as we can think of the first time.

As we have been able to find in is, currently the boys from Stuttgart are considering two possibilities at the time of baptism. And it is opt for the denomination Mercedes-AMG E 50 4MATIC or recover another mythical name in the modern history of the brand, Mercedes-AMG E 55 4MATIC. For now, it seems that this last option is the one that is gaining more and more integers to be used.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017 - foto espía

The new generation of the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio will not have a pure version AMG.

What will be under your hood? Mechanically, the new Mercedes-AMG 55 4MATIC will incorporate the new engine M256 of inline six-cylinder and 3.0-liter with 435 HP and e-turbo (turbo-electric), which will provide around 20 HP extra and 220 Nm of maximum torque. We are faced with a drive mechanism different to that used by the Mercedes-AMG C 43.

Said motor is equipped with an electric grid of 48 volts and a alternator-built-in generator (ISG), additional to the system from 12V to the auxiliary components of the vehicle such as lighting, control devices or the system itself of information and entertainment. This new engine with the code M256 already talked about in exclusive at the end of last year, 2016, when we publish various information about the new engines of Mercedes for 2017.

The new Mercedes S-Class by 2017 (facelift) recently presented at the Shanghai Auto show 2017 already features the new engine M256 six-cylinder in-line with the power source of 48 volts. Thanks to this technology, reduces the levels of consumption and emissions while providing a outstanding power delivery with no turbo lag.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017 - foto espía

Under the hood of the E Class Cabrio and E-Class Coupé more sporting will find a new engine M256 six-cylinder in-line and 435 HP with e-turbo.

the load of The new motor is done in two phases, making use of the large turbocharger and a phase bridged by a compressor electric auxiliary. The turbo electric compressor (e-turbo) is able to accelerate in 300 milliseconds to 70,000 revolutions, so that, as we say, there is no turbo lag. This new petrol engine also has a particulate filter.