Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, up to 612 HP and mode “drift”

Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate

Mercedes brings years marketing bodies relatives of their sedans medium and small, which receive the appellation Estate. These familial variants provide a big plus of practicality, as they allow a higher load capacity and, above all, make the operation of loading and unloading the trunk a lot easier, with a wide mouth for loading. Practicality and sportiness are terms that usually do not go hand in hand, with a few exceptions. One of the best examples is the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate.

berlina media in your body family passed again through the hands of AMG. This means that your settings and dynamic capabilities have been overstated. In addition, there will be a single version, if not that we will be able to choose between the variant “normal” Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate and the upper Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate. 571 HP for the first and 612 HP for the second. Nothing wrong for being a car that look for practicality, don’t you think?

Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate

we are Basically with the prescription that AMG used a few months ago for the Mercedes-E63 AMG body sedan. The main changes, of course, are to be found in the three-quarters rear. As is usual, in comparison with the sedan, we found ourselves with a roof and elongated a sharper drop of the same at the end of the same. In the lower part of the rear we find a bumper specific, with a pronounced diffuser and no less than four exhaust outlets chrome.

moreover, in the front we find a bumper sporty with large air intakes finished in black, while the side view is marked by the sills and the forged wheels AMG black in 20 inch that accommodates a brake system of large dimensions with brake calipers, yellow. A brake system that offers a size of 390 mm at the front axle of the “S” version, and may also acquire a more than recommended team carbocerámico.

Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate

interior does not differ from the one used in the E63 four-door, where you will find high dose of sportiness that invite us to sink the right pedal. Seats and sports steering wheel, leather, alcantara and carbon fiber along with some elements of luxury will make you enjoy your driving position even at standstill.

But this car is one of those who call for war. As we said, we found two variants with different delivery of power, although both resort to the engine V8 Twin-Turbo 4-litre and are associated with the all-wheel drive 4Matic, putting the top speed at 250 km/h; limited, of course. The Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate (without the “S”) generates a maximum power of 571 HP and a torque of 750 Nm, that for most mortals it will be enough, it is able to perform the 0 to 100 in about 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate

The most dynamic version is the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate. This develops 612 HP and 850 Nm, reducing a tenth the time it takes to perform the 0 to 100, 3.5 seconds. However, this variant incorporates a “mode driftthat disconnects the traction of the front axle to be able to cross it without hesitation. Maybe it’s a good solution to avoid the purists “take over” because, as we recall, the previous E63 brought the series propulsion rear.

These two variants will be officially presented at the Geneva motor show, which is celebrated in the month of march.

Mercedes E-Class (W212)
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