Mercedes-AMG GLC 43, 367 horses alternative to the BMW X4 M40i: we already know its price

Mercedes has raised with the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 a perfect option to the BMW X4 sportier, at least to date, the BMW X4 M40i, a vitaminado Mercedes GLC whose price we already know, from the part this SUV sporty? Time to find that out.

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 has a price starting 71.685 euros, a price that puts it at less than 2,000 euros, the starting price of the BMW X4 M40i, who does own from 73.500 euros, putting at our disposal a BMW X4 to 360 horses.

Recall that the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 has a V6 biturbo 3-liter that developed 367 horses, a power that is delivered to the 4 wheels and that gets associated to a automatic gearbox dual-clutch 9-speed.

in Addition to this power with a tune-up, more sporty, with a suspension adaptive tuned for the occasion, sport brakes and a new tare to your address.

Aesthetically what delataran details such as your bumper, four exhaust his rear, wheels AMG, and interior elements such as instrumentation, your steering wheel, seat belts, red stitching on its upholstery, or rugs.

Remember that the Mercedes GLC is also available with a body “coupe” under the name of Mercedes GLC Coupe, although we do not yet have prices of this version.