Mercedes AMG GLC63 Coupe: Hunted for the first time the AMG version


The air inlets oversized betray this version.

We have had the occasion to hunt for the first time a test unit of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe. Our photographers spy have been able to capture these images in the north of Sweden, while the development team of the German mark was doing the testing in environments of low temperatures.

Although we had already seen before numerous mules testing the version most explosive of the Class GLC, the variant AMG GLC63, until now, we had not been able to take a look at the variant GLC Coupe, that you receive several changes during the coming year.

The most substantial you’ll find it in the section mechanic, with the adoption of the motor V8 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo present in other models of the division AMG sport. In the same way, this engine will also be present at the AMG GLC63 standard. This mechanic V8 supercharged has several levels of power, and in the new GLC Coupe render the order of the 510 HP in the more powerful version.


In the rear are 4 exhaust outlets.

As we can see in this series of spy photos, the Mercedes only have been limited to hide part of the front and the rear bumper. In the nose we find the inevitable air inlets oversized, necessary for the supply of the precious air to the block twin-turbo. In this zone we can also discover such as the front grille also has camouflage, in a manner very similar to that used in the AMG GT-R, which induces to think that we will see a grille, sporty look.

In the rear are 4 exhaust outlets in place of the two rectangular usual, even showing the same pilots unaltered from the GLC Coupe. After the huge tires we can see some huge brake discs drilled.

The arrival of this new sports version of the GLC Coupe will be during 2017, we can expect his arrival for the second half of next year.