Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe 2017: the first images of the full


The first time that is left to see the full.

This is the first time that the new Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe is left to see. Our photographers have been able to hunt this new version during your photo session promotional, so that we have been able to destaparlo to complete, although this unit is something special, because this is not the regular version, but a special edition prepared for commemorate the 50th anniversary of the AMG brand, today a division of Mercedes.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe will be the version that stands as a bridge between the AMG GT S and the more radical AMG GT R, with the spectacular body design of the version R. like the GT C Roadster that the brand had a few months ago, this account with the V8 4.0-liter supercharged, which in this version sheds 557 HP and 680 Nm of maximum torque, what version Roadster allows it to boast an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

we Understand that the coupe enjoy at least the same performance of the open version, if not better. The body from what we can see is shared by both, with his aggressive stamp. In the front we find the same and huge air intakes to the side and behind the air outlets behind the wheel arches in the rear.


In the rear we find more air vents but not the rear wing.

like the GT C Roadster, the coupe version dispenses with the huge rear spoiler of the GT-R, as well as its exhaust system.

Called Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe Edition 50, this version was created to commemorate the half-century of the founding of AMG, a company founded in 1967 in the vicinity of Stuttgart by two engineers from Mercedes. From what we can see, this special edition will have the special matte black finish that looks this unit, and this is sure to small details commemorative.

This will be presented in 2017, so we can expect your arrival to one of the great events european of the year, which will begin in march with the Salon of Geneva.