Mercedes-AMG GT Concept: the new sporty 4-door based on the AMG GT


First teaser of the model.

rumors pointed to a prototype based on the Mercedes-AMG GT in format four-door sedan, and this teaser confirms, in Geneva we will see the presentation of the new Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, which in theory puts forward a new sporty four-door.

from what we can see in the sketch revealed, the model seems to extend the length usual in the AMG GT, with a battle considerably longer, but with the same design features. At least in the rear, that is the only zone revealed by the time.

rumor had it that this model would be called the Mercedes-AMG GT4, in reference to the sport on which it is based and its number of doors or capacity. By the time the brand presented under the generic name-GT Concept, and until they are published all their data, we can not say more.


Based aesthetically on the AMG GT but it’s probably based technically on the E63.

Your positioning, actually get it to production, it would be clear. Would share space with the new CLS, but not as other alternative sports saloon, but as a sporty 4-door and 4-seater. So that would be designed to compete against the variants of the short battle, and sedan body of the Porsche Panamera.

Precisely few days ago I loved spy pictures of the development of the new Mercedes CLS, a model that we know will lose the variant of bodywork shooting brake in its next iteration but it will remain in the market as a step higher than the current Class E.

The sporty concept that will Mercedes in Geneva is based
on the same platform Mercedes MRA of the C63, E63 and S63
, using the
engine V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo that can be found in several
models of the division of sports of the brand, with powers that reach
over 600 horses. His presentation will be at the beginning of this
that same week, in Geneva.