Mercedes-AMG GT: Prior-Design convinces us with a spoiler type “dovetail”

several Rumors speak of the arrival of Mercedes-AMG GT more radical. A AMG GT focused more purist public, tifossi gasoline. We are looking forward to the gossips are right and such rumor is met, while we can whet your appetite with one of the first preparations with Mercedes-AMG GT as the protagonist. Prior-Design is responsible.

Prior-Design has been used in this preparation one AMG GTS , this variant has a starting price of 165,878 euros in Spain.

Although preparation Prior-Design has focused solely on the aesthetic we can say already that we have before us a Mercedes-AMG GT as aggressive.

The body kit presented by Prior-Design introduces a new bonnet ventilated new splitter canards in his front bumper and rear, heel , a new deflector on the side gills and a new and accented diffuser back well, we could not forget the a spoiler type dovetail culminating pretty rear of the new two-seater sports AMG .

Yes, we find some new wheels, but Prior-Design has not spoken more aesthetic changes already mentioned, no suspensions, no brakes, no reinforcements for the original structure and even no changes in his cabin.

A 4-liter V8 under that long hood beating

Despite having no mechanical changes we can not forget that under the hood of the Mercedes-AMG GT beats a 4-liter supercharged V8 willing to leave us with a more than good taste. For the occasion Prior-Design has chosen the S version, which results in an output of 510 horses in charge of the rear axle.

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