Mercedes-AMG GT R: new rumors of the 911 GT3 Mercedes

Mercedes is working on an alternative more prestacional Mercedes-AMG GT, a more powerful version, more wild and presumably we will know by the end of 2016. Now, out of the hand of Motortrend we have new clues on the alleged arrival of this Mercedes-AMG GT-R, how will Nissan a paste by the use of this name?

Less weight, more power, improved aerodynamics, changes in its cycle… and a name somewhat familiar to you:

The Mercedes-AMG GT-part in Spain from 144.278 euros

As pointed out by Motortrend we would find, beyond the known extra of power, with a new system of active aerodynamic and a system of four wheel steering similar to that employed by Porsche, not only in the GT3 or in the Turbo, but in the whole range.

of course would not miss a hand cycle more radical having already in mind that the Mercedes-AMG GT S already has details such as the engine mounts active, the brake of considerable dimensions…

let us Remember that mechanically, the Mercedes-AMG GT with a V8 of 4 liters of cubicaje biturbo engine that develops a power of 462 horses in the case of the version “normal” and 510 horses in the case of the version S.

Now, what power will this R version?

Previous rumors had pointed to a power of 550 horsepower. In addition, we should not dismiss a slightly lower weight.