Mercedes-AMG GT S: 510 horses to defeat the king, to dethrone the Porsche 911

April 29. Mercedes has proposed to us a suggestive plan to spend the weekend. A plan that includes meet us with the Mercedes AMG GT, with the S version, set it to test and in addition go with him to a new appointment with the friends of the 6to6 that a good account will give you in another article. It’s Friday and I’m picking up the keys to the new sporty Mercedes, the alternative to the Porsche 911’s Mercedes, in the offices of the brand in Madrid. Under the parking lot, I press the keys on the remote that you have given to me and there it is, the lights of a beautiful drive yellow respond to me. I acknowledge that in a previous encounter with this car, it left a taste in the mouth, a both sweet and sour… how will I reconcile with him at the end of this week?

it Is Friday and as I leave the parking lot of the Mercedes moved the cameras, tripods and other household goods photographic from the trunk of a Fiat Bravo in the trunk of the Mercedes AMG GT, a trunk that is by the way, is not bad at all served if we consider their condition sporty two-seater. Enough space for the luggage of a week.

I love the paint tone of this unit. I give a couple of turns around it. Without a doubt, that curve that extends from the wheel arches in the rear until your behind is its main attractive aesthetic, a curve which, with this tone of paint, is perfectly accented. Without a doubt, one of the combinations most striking in the catalog, it is called Solarbeam Yellow and assumes an additional expenditure of 10.900 euros, an extra not precisely cheap, I know, but it is that you feel great, gives you strength for the four sides of the design of the GT.

Breaks your color this cloudy morning. Breaks the sound of his V8 the movement of those who cross with us while we loaded the last stuff.


A first meeting in Germany, a first date at the foot of the Sierra Nevada…

In the premiere of the AMG GT its lagging behind already won me over. The fall of the roof, the wheel arches on the rear, the optical elongated…

I Met the Mercedes AMG GT on the day of its premiere. A real spectacle in Affalterbach, the home of AMG, in which we were taught such as is built by hand each AMG, in which we spoke of their design, as they had made their inside and the tuning of your chassis. An amazing experience that I mentioned in the article “Mercedes-AMG GT 2015, chronicle of the “anti 911”: so you lived your presentation from within” and in which I went from fotografiarme with the units of test, still camouflaged, to see paraded before me, the successor to the “gullwing” among fireworks.

Your design then (and now) I quite liked, especially the fall of the roof, those hips. No doubt your behind I like much more than its elongated snout, but eye, this does not mean that I like it or not, how to say no to that hood?

Without doubt looks less overwhelming that the Mercede SLS, your lines are significantly more fluid and feels all the more restrained, more stylish in front of the porte more mass, the couple,without a doubt, that elegant, the “gull wings”. Both in their way are equally as beautiful, though, the “gullwing” SLS, we gonna steal my heart every time that we open up, vertically, these doors. What a wonder.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_2let us Remember that with this AMG GT Mercedes has wanted to reposition its flagship model to enter the direct fight with the Porsche 911. Yes, by the way has gone down a small step, but change has been engaged in a “bloody” battle with the king of the segment that are sure to report a few hundred more sales to Mercedes.

That long snout, those gills, those elongated optical rear…

My second encounter with the Mercedes AMG GT was already during the summer of 2015 and as part of one of those team meetings that we organize each year in motor in the Sierra Nevada, appeared this Mercedes AMG GT as the “hero” of a group of frames in which there was not the Audi RS3, a BMW M3 or a Bentley Continental GT. Then I went for the first time and well, my first impressions were not at all pleasant…

Yes, obviously I ran, and he runs a lot, was eye catching, sounded good and we even proposed to the exit of every bend in a gentle waddle waist promised, promised much, but at the same time I before him with an email address that is not finished to catch the knack of it, a response far-fetched and in my opinion, hardly manageable in a fun way, and an inside to which he sounded a few crickets. Bittersweet yes, I ended up convincing then, and I must admit that now I had a better Audi RS3 or the BMW M3.

But back to this cloudy Friday in late April…


A slippery stretch of mountain, and a supercar of more than 200,000 euros…

The first stop is at a nearby circuit of Jarama. No, we’re not going to get to the track, unfortunately. We want to either fix the points that are going to happen in the next few hours to prepare for the photo shoot, which shots are going to do and how we’re going to take advantage of, in short, the little time that we have with the new beast from AMG. We stopped at the gates of the circuit, a tweet to warn us of what we have on our hands…

While Juanma will turns to Google Maps, setting a mind-map for where we’re going to go through and which shots we are going to do, take the opportunity to toquetear well the inside the Mercedes-AMG GT.

In my hands it appealed a flattened wheel, with the seal of AMG, wrapped in a thin alcantara and with a good instrumentation to the front, with two spheres-conventional and a good onboard computer in the middle. The black leather, the mouldings of the doors, the transmission tunnel, is broken by a broad repertoire of details of metallic finish as the spokes of the steering wheel, the controls on the central bridge and the crown of the aerators. In addition, on the centre tunnel lies a piano-black finish and somewhat similar to the carbon fiber.


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Well, I like the layout of controls, the roulette selector driving modes shows a good layout, as the controls of the air conditioning, but seems to me a bit confusing to move through the menus of your multimedia system with the touchpad, a touchpad which is accompanied by a second roulette. Fingering the device menus of the infotainment and the truth is that I like the visual quality that they have, although at the time of sailing I will be much more comfortable and simple interface of BMW.

In this unit there are no crickets as if he had at that AMG GT blue that I drove months ago, it sounds an annoying “ñiñiñiñi” to move in the seat, but even so, despite the good design and many good details, such as the beautiful sports seats, I miss a more robust constitution of this cabin, adjustments between pieces best completed… Yes, a Porsche 911 in this sense seems to me best resolved.

We have decided to go the same route that we go through in preparing for the test of the Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing, but touring the sections to the reverse, to seek a new sense of the spectacular landscape of Puebla de la Sierra in the photos.


In my opinion the main charm dynamic of the Mercedes AMG GT goes through two points: the delivery of your V8 engine and all the “gadgets” with which Mercedes has sweetened the good chassis of this AMG GT.

The journey by motorway, by an A1 with a heavy traffic because of the bridge that is looming, it solves with a comfortable transit, well-isolated, and which is only interrupted by the rumble of the exhaust system, when we require the V8 some mild backfiring intentional. A button on the central bridge, which unleashes the full potential sound of the exhaust system, invites us to sin, and any gap between the traffic is good to hear its delicious melody.

I Still remember when two, maybe three, years ago, also in the Sierra Nevada, we topábamos with a group of engineers from AMG, us with a Jaguar F-Type Coupe. We were asked so politely and with a lot of curiosity if we could accelerate the car to hear it… “how the Mercedes AMG GT is going to rub more?” she asked. “More is not better”, I answered one of them.

it Is true that rings of fable, this biturbo V8 4 liters, a V8, let us remember, has in this case with 510 horses delivered to the rear axle. Sounds really good yes, blunt, with some backfiring sporadic, fat, serious, a delicious “grogrogrogro” at idle… but for my taste the Jaguar F-Type V8 sounds better and is for british sports, which could very well be shaken with this AMG for a few thousand euros less, has marked a before and an after in this the sound of the cars.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_12Recall that under the winding body of this sport there is a aluminium frame, with a distribution mechanical transaxle, a chassis that inherits some elements of the SLS, and that leaves us with a set that on the scale is not excessively light, flirting with the 1,600 kg Our seats, the two seats of your car, are well delayed, close to the rear axle in order to encourage its distribution of weights.

No, I don’t get to hear any sound of the turbos, it seems that Mercedes have been concerned enough to get a touch a both atmospheric acoustics of the propellant and above all with a lot of personality.

I head the road to Puebla de la Sierra from the north. Any first photo, turn the knob of the selector of modes of driving up to the S and gas fund. Rumbles his escape among the trees.

What days ago was a perfect road with the Abarth 595 becomes now in a narrow roller coaster in the notes to the wagon, our Mercedes AMG GT, exceeds the path, devouring the straights in a sigh, fulminando the curves broader, and inevitably feeling something sharp in the most closed and very slow. The fault of its size. Well, their size, and as imposed by the power delivery.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_8The first tenths of a second, the first few millimeters in the needle climbs the tach, they come with a slight, very very slight delay, which is negligible, giving way then to a biturbo V8 that will catapult with virulence, with some loss of traction due to its enormous torque of 650 Nm.

I Acknowledge that in the first few turns cost me to get all the potential in the AMG GT. Its immense delivery I ask for caution. The sound of his escape war.

in Addition to feel these before a big car imposes that morro infinite…

“Grooooom”. A tone comes out from the exhaust. I hit the cam, it goes up a gear. I re-glued to the seat.

The transitions of change are absolutely immediate, very quick, snapshots, soft, as if mechanically nothing had happened under the carpet. In the time that you have read the previous sentence could be inserted as the seven gears of its gearbox. There could also be struck by lightning from a standing start to 100 km/h. The theory says that it takes only 3.8 seconds.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_27A pair of forks almost bound, a small straight the joins, even smaller behind the wheel of the AMG GT, at the wheel of their 510 horses. Stroke direction. Accurate and informative, I acknowledge that I had a but I remember his tare, of your touch, when I tried it in Sierra Nevada. Yes, now I liked it, is direct and has a good weight to it.

suspension it seems to me really strong. The curves are cut with conviction, feeling that the cushioning is really tough and that there is, accompanying to the all aluminium chassis, a lot of elements that are working in unison and quickly and accurately to make this AMG GT is a genuine “table”, “table” very technological.

brakes resolved with a pleasing touch, and effectiveness of each manoeuvre. I begin to think that these roads in a stretch of mountains, is too small to this supercar German, I need a circuit to see where is really the limit. I speed up, the ass is hinted at. I’m in the mode S+, with the guardarrailes so close, with the cliffs of this stretch, I don’t see too appropriate to turn the “manettino” to the Race mode.

A couple of photos, a few more corners…

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_18I’m running with two sensations are very marked. On the one hand the biturbo V8 has shown me that there is a huge potential, which has horses and torque to overwhelm us quite a few times before you start to know the limits. The Mercedes AMG GT is a car really fast, effective and yes, fun and the power delivery of your V8 biturbo is for me one of the highlights.

The second, that’s another feeling marked of which I was speaking, comes from all the waste technology that comes loaded in this AMG GT. And no, I am not speaking of controls, cruise, adaptive, multimedia systems with the latest in connectivity or cameras of 360 degrees. No. I speak of a chassis full of “gadgets” you ready to do that we can effectively carry the 510 horses this sports in curve, what filtering?what artificial?

No, I do not mean that, it’s fun, as I mentioned, it feels wild and you can compromise and put in some other trouble easily if you don’t measure, as it deserves, the way in which you ask for gas in a curve. Simply notes that at your disposal you all a good repertoire of technology dedicated to convert to the AMG into a sporty, even more effective.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_16The night pounces upon us, it is time to go home, giving the witness Pepe to go on Saturday with the friends of 6to6. Step by the gas station. I will return to see the faces with the AMG GT on the Sunday to finish the photo session…

I’m going to be eager to go to the track with him and extract all the juice that behind that shows a playful every time that we demand gas V8 with more anxiety than we should.

how easy Is it to get used to walking through the center of a big city with a car as well?

Dusk. Sunday. Stay with Juanma, we load the material in the trunk of the Mercedes AMG GT S, and we set off. We’re going to take advantage of the last rays of the sun to make a photo in the exterior, but it has happened to us to employ the latest photos of this session in a series of tunnels to the center, perfect to give a touch of “underground” and seek to break the grim network of tunnels with the yellow of the Mercedes.


The Mercedes AMG GT S has a starting price of 167.365 euros. In addition there is an inferior version, of 462 horses, that part from 145.508 euros

to Boot. Filled the tank and reset a flag average consumption that has been raised above the 14 l/100 km. Motorway and Madrid. Traffic, small streets, maneuvers, more maneuvers, a nose that is not just…

If anything we have shown the sports, supercars, current is carried perfectly with the coexistence of more mundane, with the go for dinner to the latest trendy restaurant and not have big problems in comfort. The Mercedes AMG GT is well soundproofed and although their suspensions feel something hard even in the most comfortable no offers in front of speed humps or potholes, or blemish worth mentioning.

sound system Burmester sounds of wonder (ok, not as good as their escapes), and over us the sky of Madrid is strained by the panoramic sunroof while you begin to turn orange. Colour and sound attract a lot of attention. Normal clear. Fight your traffic has the small added difficulty of its snout, a long front that seems to have no end, from our low step-stool, it also costs too much to get used to it and the reactions, in the most comfortable, dulcifican significantly.

Mercedes_AMG_GT_S_prueba_2016_mdm_6we Start with the pictures. Luckily the bridge seems to give us a breather and the city feels more quiet than usual. Fewer people churning in every shot, less cars…

The Mercedes AMG GT poses spectacular under the already dim light of sun.

The tunnels, we are greeted with the roar of the exhaust. I love the look of the rear lights, as you see the side silhouette under the poor orange light of the florescent. The flash output, we are looking for a location…

why buy a Mercedes AMG GT and not a Porsche 911 Turbo?

In my opinion, the main sticks in front of the Porsche 911 is in an interior, with a design more daring, feels less solid, with some of the settings below which gives us the 911.

holiday Monday. The first hour of the morning. I go in Mercedes, parking the AMG GT and returning the keys. I see at the bottom the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe, what a beautiful also your line. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to the AMG GT and make the question mandatory, why buy a Mercedes AMG GT in place of a Porsche 911?

Okay, I’m Porschista and I would look before a Porsche 911 (991) Targa GTS, made to order a GT3 clear (will have to see what happens when the AMG GT R), but the Mercedes is not lacking precisely arguments to conquer us, to tempt us even being faithful followers dand Porsche.

For example, we have your line. It’s really pretty and I like the process of sweetening that has been subjected to its design with respect to the impetuous aspect of the SLS. I will miss the gull wings yes, but that step rear-wheel…


The Mercedes AMG GT exudes personality on all four sides. From its design to its dynamics, there is no other sport like it.

Without a doubt, I believe that their appearance will be the determinant value for the one that this doubting. The AMG GT offers us a look more eye-catching than the 911, no doubt. Their sound is also willing to make passes less unnoticed.

we Also have your sound and a cabin with a design more daring, although at this point I recognize that my opinion wins Porsche for offering us settings above, but what about its dynamics?

The behavior of this AMG GT does not have anything to do with what that offers us a 911. In fact has nothing to do with what we find in any other sporting. Its V8 pushes, pushes a lot and I like the tuning of your chassis, what’s more fun than a 911? Just different. In my case I’m more confident running with a 911, something that I think is given simply by habit, but I’m sure that with the two I could pass just as well.

Mercedes has made a car with a lot of personality. A car that in each reaction, touches what it touches and whatever you do, you leave a footprint full of details own. The rounded forms of its back, its sound, the delivery of the V8, the technological overhaul of the chassis, aluminum… it Has been a pleasure to reconnect with the Mercedes AMG GT. I’m glad that I reconciled with you.


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