Mercedes-AMG has already made its first circuit of the world in Seoul


Mercedes-AMG GT and the new hiperdeportivo Mercedes-AMG Project One perch on the new circuit of the sports brand located in Seoul

The image of the divisions of the high performance of a firm is not only measured by the experience and the know-how transferred to the most athletic models, but also for its ability to position itself as a reference in the world and there is no doubt that have a circuit of your own with the name of the brand is a special condition.

Mercedes-AMG, the brand’s more sporty of the signing of the star, is the first great mark of prestige that has a circuit of high performance with your own name, a track to take advantage of the great benefits of its exclusive range of models, almost the perfect gift for a brand that was born in Affalterbach fifty years ago.

The new circuit of the high-performance AMG Speedway is located in the south Korean capital of Seoul, a city where the division of Mercedes has a large clientele with a new record of sales in 2017 and located 38 kilometres from Gagnam, a plot of 4.3 miles whose configuration technique promises to offer a unique sensations and intense no level of comparison throughout the region wearing also the corporate image of AMG including the pit lane and the paddock.


the rooms of The AMG Lounge are decorated with the corporate image of the brand and wearing the successes of the more high-level competition during its fifty years of history

What is certain is that it has left out a detail in the oblivion, as the circuit has the “AMG Lounge”, some classrooms decorated with all the successes of the brand in the highest competition and with all the luxury that it deserves a space of the category of Mercedes-AMG, a place designed also for the presentation of new models, celebration of different events and days of the press to dealers, special.

“The AMG Speedway is the first circuit of the world that bears our name. This underlines the importance of South Korea as one of our major markets, not only an important step in the dynamic development of AMG in the country of south korea, but also represents the strategic expansion of our face to face communication, so that clients and fans can experience the essence of our brand here first-hand”, says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The circuit AMG Speedway is based first on the racetrack standing of South Korea opened in 1995. In 2011, the path was subjected to a profound remodelling by resorting to the experience of Hermann Tilke providing it with its 17 curves and a very attractive bridge in the grounds of the theme park Everland Resort in the outskirts of the capital, Seoul, in which the experts from the firm will show the technical capabilities and performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT and the new sports development Project One.


Mercedes-AMG is the first brand of sports in the world to have a circuit with its own name