Mercedes-AMG is preparing a Formula 1 for the street

Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept (2013)

The rumors about a hiperdeportivo of Mercedes-AMG takes time “susurrándose” by different means of motor sport worldwide but never had spoken with force. However, says that during the Grand Prix of Belgium Formula 1, held last weekend at the circuit of Spa, a charge of high importance to the company stated that “definitely, it’s coming”.

According to what had been concocting lies this time, Mercedes-AMG is developing a true beast on four wheels loaded with technology. And it seems that the hiperdeportivo of the brand of Stuttgartbehave with technology directly inherited from the cars of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, as well as a significant mechanical part, where the engine would be derived directly from the V6 turbo 1600 cubic centimeters champion of the world that makes 710 horsepower.

on the other hand, we have also been able to read posts where they claim that the engine of the new model of the brand of the star you should use a larger displacement to ensure a high reliability, since the engines of the Formula 1 are not intended to withstand thousands and thousands of miles. In any case, and in one way or another, of wanting to take this model to the public sale need to find ways to lengthen the useful life of the engine, either by increasing displacement or reducing markedly.

Mercedes SPa 2015The heat engine is to add all the electric to the motor (or motors) electric. While the petrol engine will send its power to the train later, passing first through a gearbox specific, the electrical energy is transmitted to the asphalt by the front axle, thereby improving traction and optimizing the weight distribution.

And since we have touched upon the topic of weights in the vehicles of high performance, every gram counts. Therefore, it would not be surprising that the design of the same is carried out with materials of high resistance and lightness as the aluminum and carbon fiber.

If all of this is confirmed, and finally the hiperdeportivo Mercedes hits the street, it would be a model that surely will be on top of vehicle as special as the Ferrari LaFerrari or the Porsche 918 Spyder, still their rival more direct the AM-RB 001 that Aston Martin and Red Bull are developing on set, and whose aerodynamics is protected by neither more nor less than Adrian Newey.