Mercedes-AMG is preparing a supercar hybrid of 1,300 CV to 2017

Mercedes-AMG GT-Rrumours suggest that the Mercedes-AMG GT R will no longer be the sports most radical of the mark within a very short. The German firm is bringing something very big between hands. In 2017 is celebrating the 50th anniversary of AMG and do not want this date to pass unnoticed. To do this will throw a supercar hybrid, which is the height of the largest. The internal code of this model would be Mercedes-AMG R50.

Although it might seem difficult, this new vehicle would be above the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 Spyder. To do this you would use a hybrid drive system that would combine two electric motors mounted in the front area with one of gasoline in the located in a central position. The latter would be a four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo, but surprisingly would develop about 1,000 HP. The total power of the set would be around 1,300 HP.

Mercedes-AMG GT-RAnother of the premises of the Mercedes-AMG R50 would be to minimize your weight. The style of Koenigsegg, we will seek to offer a weight-to-power 1 kg for each horse. Thanks to a monocoque carbon fiber, its weight would be placed around the 1,300 kg. In addition to offer some solutions such as rear axle directional (also used by the AMG GT-R) or a suspension is adaptive, which would improve their behavior.

aerodynamics will be also an important factor and will be extremely worked. The Mercedes-AMG R50 will be a vehicle and two-seater will be approved to roll on the road. It will be a rival for models such as the Bugatti Chiron or the newly-launched AM-RB 001. This spiritual successor to the legendary Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR will be very exclusive and not exactly cheap. It is expected that its production is limited and each unit costing between 2 and 3 million euros.

Source – GT Spirit