Mercedes-AMG is preparing something curious for the Paris Salon

Mercedes-AMGWhen you are missing only five days for the Paris Salon of 2016 open their doors Mercedes-AMG has left us in his official account of Instagram these two photos and a message “A little big something is about to be revealed – soon!”. More or less would say that “a small big thing will be revealed soon”. These words don’t say much and also help you know what you are thinking in the house of the star.

According to the official website of the Mondial de lAutomobile, Mercedes has confirmed that it will lead to exposure to the Mercedes-AMG GT R, Mercedes E-Class, All-Terrain, Mercedes E-Class Estate, Mercedes electric, Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe, Mercedes-AMG R50, Mercedes-AMG GT Cabrio, Class Mercedes GLB and the Mercedes S-Class in your version of 2017.

Mercedes-AMGit Is obvious that the firstfruits or concept surprises that the brand intends to present in the classroom are not reflected in the web or press pack, since that would lose the effect surprise which they presuppose. However, as we can see in these two snapshots the division’s most potent Mercedes is already teaching you something of what we can be expecting in the Mondial.

If we look at the first photo, we see a morro very small but with a load aesthetic very strong. You might almost say that it looks like the front of a Smart ForFour seen from that angle, but no, it does not save anything more with him. The calender takes all the attention and in it, the Mercedes star is located in the center. The air intakes are very marked in the front bumper and it looks like they are covered by a grid type nest bee.

Passing headlights look like with the Mercedes-AMG GT is more than obvious, but with respect to this bit seemed more saves. The height set and the wheels and tires that accompany them indicate that this car more than a sporty seem to a all the way. However, the second photo leaves us a little bit more cold since it does not block the final part of the concept with the initial.

In the second picture we see a behind with a style very marked and seeps coupe on all four sides. In it the headlights rear are also very similar to those used by other models AMG. For its part, the wheels have a ratio with the front so that makes us wary of the type of model that the brand is going to present.

To learn more data will have to be very pending account official Instagram of the brand if they are to escape photos, or any information that help us to know what we are.

Source – Mercedes-AMG