Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: anticipating the appearance of this beast with more than 1000 HP

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE - recreación

Recreation of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE made by Jan Peisert.

In a few months we will witness the birth of a new beast with the seal of Mercedes-AMG. Under the name “Project ONE”, we are faced with the project of the engineers of the German firm to offer the features and figures that can reach a Formula 1 in a hiperdeportivo street. What they will get? Of time the data that we know are very encouraging.

To date, the only “images” of the Mercedes-AMG-Project ONE that we have been able to see barely showed a thin and poorly defined line as well as the stroke continue to your design. However, thanks to designers such as Jan Peisert, we can anticipate how it will look this brutal beast-on-wheels. These recreations have been created taking as the starting point of the teaser released by Mercedes-AMG.

This “Formula 1 street” is known internally with the code R50. Submit a design very marked transmit power, strength and speed. In addition, numerous changes of volumes, lines, marks and steps of wheel, will allow us a glimpse of a vehicle very ahead of his time. It is also important to keep in mind that it will be powered by a V6 engine, 1.6-liter hybrid, the same block that Mercedes-AMG uses in their Formula 1.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE - recreación

The new Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will be powered by a hybrid system with more than 1000 HP.

Although I still don’t know the final number, Tobias Moers, head of Mercedes-AMG, confirmed that will contain as a minimum with 1,000 hp (1.014 CV). The electric motors provide the torque to the rear wheels to provide a configuration of all-wheel drive. In addition, we also offer you the possibility to enjoy a range of up to 25 km in mode 100% electric.

And in the light of these re-enactments, it is interesting to echo the image that you can see at the end of the article. Published by the German brand taking advantage of the visit of several members of Linkin Park at the Center of Advanced Design of Mercedes in Carlsbad, California (united States). Next to them, we can see a small clay model that at first glance seems to fit perfectly with the design of a hiperdeportivo of central engine of the German mark. Is this the future Project ONE? By the time this is the most plausible.

¿When will he be presented? The debut of the new Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will take place in the month of September, during the Frankfurt Auto show 2017. The mark of the star “plays at home” and will leverage this event to raise awareness in society of its new hiperdeportivo. With its entire production sold (there is talk of some 300 units), the first deliveries will not take place until the year 2019.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE - modelo de arcilla

A small clay model that shows us the appearance of a hiperdeportivo of the central engine. Is this Mercedes-AMG Project ONE? Photo: autoevolution.