Mercedes-AMG Project One: climb up to the 11,000 rpm, but has a life of 50,000 km

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo

Mercedes-AMG is immersed in a project of very high performance. Almost want to bring Formula 1 to the streets, what we know as the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Aesthetically it will be a model very aggressive, as if it was a vehicle for the exclusive use of circuit is involved, although neither will be too similar to an F1. The drive system hybrid will be derived directly from that used in the “great circus” for the German manufacturer, so that the performance of the Mercedes-AMG Project One are insured.

Tobias Moers recently made a statement in which he said that the production of the model hiperdeportivo would be limited to 275 units. Your price will be 2.25 million euros approximately, while using an engine gasoline 1.6 V6 supercharged, in a society with a system of electric propulsion; that is to say, it will be a hybrid like the Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder. Does your power?, nothing less than 1000 HP.

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo híbrido

The heat engine 1.6 of the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be able to overcome the barrier of 10,000 rpm, approaching even to the to 11,000 laps. To have an engine derived directly from a single-seater of Formula 1 has very positive things such as being able to achieve such a regime of money or have as high number of power. However, the durability of the internal parts of the thruster is not so high as a utility of 10,000 euros.

Is estimated that each 50,000 kilometres you need to change a number of important elements the drive system as a whole or to the full. How is this a sin? If we take into account the benefits that will give its driver at the slightest hint of the right pedal, the high exclusivity and the cost of the acquisition of the vehicle, there seems to us something so dramatic. even More if we think that actually we have a car taken directly from the highest competition racing. In addition, how long will it take the client you use most, the Mercedes-AMG Project One to reach that number of miles?

Theoretically we will be able to enjoy live and for the first time this exclusive model in next Hall of Franfurt, in the month of September.

Source – Coach