Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: Confirmed new data in the Formula 1 street


One of the projections of Mercedes-AMG in Detroit.

During the first press day of the Detroit motor show, Mercedes-AMG confirmed new details of its next hiperdeportivo hybrid, which now knew only by the code R50, and we already know that the brand called Project ONE.

The German firm confirmed its presentation, in September 2017 during the celebration of the IAA Frankfurt 2017, after which, the brand will begin the development road of the sports, with the first functional prototypes. Its commercial launch, or better said, the deliveries to the first customers since the model has already sold all of its limited production, will be from 2019.

In total will be around 300 units the Mercedes-AMG fabricate the model, the price of which, as yet unknown, will be over the 2 million euros. A price that we crave short, taking into account the specifications that will have this special sports, with technology derived from the Formula 1.


the engine used by the brand in F1.

The own responsible for AMG, Tobias Moers, confirmed in Detroit that the propeller group will be the same V6 1.6-litre hybrid that the brand uses in its F1 cars, with “at least 1,000 hp” (1.014 CV), revealing also that the electric motors give maximum torque to the front wheels, so we know that you will be with all-wheel drive, at least while the electric motors are operating.

in Addition to will have an electric-only mode, pure, being able to travel up to 25 kilometers driven only by the front wheels.

By the words of Moers the project is still in a stage too early, revealing that just started to test the first engine. “we Just turn on the first engine running at low revs and at idle, which is a revolution to a motor of the Formula 1 whose idle does not go below 3,000 revs. It’s complicated,”. Adding that “to get a Formula 1 and street legal in terms of emissions and things like that is a real challenge. The revolutions of that engine is going to be a five-digit number .”


The first image of the model.

likewise, Moers also confirmed that the model would be a fin
vertical the style of the LMP1 and that would be equipped with systems of
active aerodynamic
. By the time it is also not clear where it will be
manufactured. According to Moers is a theme that is still discussing
indoors, although it was confirmed that the mechanical the is
developed by the same team that is in charge of the engines of F1.