Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: your engine of F1 will have a life of only 50,000 kms


power Unit of the Mercedes-AMG F1.

like Sergio Marchionne, who gave us some shocking statements, saying that the Ferrari California was not suitable as a Ferrari, the head of Mercedes-AMG also had words for the media during the days of the press in Geneva. Although in the case of Tobias Moers his words generated no controversy, but we are revealed more and interesting details of the new Mercedes-AMG Project One, hiperdeportivo that prepares the mark of a star with technology derived from Formula 1.

According to Moers, the V6 engine that will tell the sport you will have a system of rotation is very high, 11,000 rpm. This is because the unit of combustion is a derivative of the same engine that used the cars of the mark in the F1 Championship.

This also means two things, the first is that its elements and maintenance will not be cheap and the second, which will require a special maintenance.


First image of the Project One.

Moers revealed in Geneva that the unit of combustion will have a life of approximately 50,000 miles (about 31,000 miles) before it needs a service more in depth. The head of AMG is not explained as it would be for that service, but it means that the vehicle, in theory, should pass the technical service to disassemble the engine every few years. What is usually called an engine rebuild.

This is the price you have to pay for to bring technology from F1 to the street. Although really it will be very difficult for the vast majority of the copies that will be manufactured to reach ever to reach that figure of mileage.

In total will be manufactured about 300 copies, which will have a price in
around $ 2.5 million. Your presentation is scheduled
for the next Frankfurt motor show, which is held to
the end of summer. For the moment, there are no complete images of the
model, except for the dark teaser that has shown the mark in any
on the occasion that shows your behind.