Mercedes-AMG R50: Revealed the first image of the sport with engine F1


This is the first real image that we can see the R50.

it Has been during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Mercedes-Benz has cast a frame of its next hiperdeportivo of central engine, named by time as the R50, and that will serve to commemorate the half-century life of the division Mercedes-AMG.

At GTspirit have managed to get a picture of that moment and now we can take a look to the future sports central engine of Mercedes-AMG, which in theory will be revealed during the Frankfurt show this year, after the summer.

The image shows a front view from your rear, which can be clearly seen the absence of windows in the rear and the entrance of the upper air, type fireplace, which rests on the roof of the sports. Next to this we find two huge jacks on NACA and crevices by way of air vents.


Moment of confirmation of the hiperdeportivo in 2016.

as expected, the Mercedes-AMG R50 has a slender and athletic figure. In the image we can clearly see its low and wide waist, with the cockpit centered, and so that suggests your curves, has a few steps wheels very bulky, profiled in your body.

in Response to the original silhouette that the brand job for the recent confirmation of the project, we can guess in this image the vertical stabilizer central. Although we can not guess its length, we check that does not exceed the height of the passenger compartment.

After his presentation at the Frankfurt motor show 2017, the R50 will begin deliveries already in 2018, that will come to the time that the joint project between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, the already presented but still called AM-RB 001.


The star model will be the V6 turbo that has made champions Hamilton and Rosberg these years.

After this body we will find the powerplant that has won the last 3 World Championships of Formula 1, both for the pilots and builders, the V6 1.6-litre twin-turbo, which surely will accompany your system hybrid electric. It is believed that will be manufactured between 200 and 300 units, with a price of around 2.4 million euros.