Mercedes-AMG S 65 Convertible, luxury convertible with V12 engine


The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabrio is the S-Class is more expensive now

These are the first official images of the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabrio. It is a vehicle that we were expecting since long time ago we know the spectacular Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe so it was only a matter of time that it may be the version of open roof. However, this model represents a milestone for Mercedes since it is the first time offer a convertible with an engine of twelve cylinders.

The first Mercedes that combines body-convertible and V12 engine

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabrio will be the S-Class is the most expensive of the range, that is, if we do not have the luxurious variants Maybach or Pullman, it mounts the same V12 biturbo of 6.0-liter of his namesake version of roof closed along with the matching automatic transmission AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic seven relationships. Their performance figures are spectacular: 630 HP and 1,000 Nm of torque between 2,300 and 4,300 rpm.

The technical details have not yet been revealed but we have as a reference, the coupe accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,1 seconds and approves an average consumption of 11.9 liters per 100 km, thanks in part to the way “Efficient” on the automatic change. In the case of the S 65 Cabrio, these figures should be the same as has the same weight and stiffness that the S 65 CoupĂ© thanks to the use of aluminum and magnesium in the body coupled to a new battery lithium-ion that saves 20 kg of weight. Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h but optionally may increase up to the 300 km/h.


The convertible sports does not waive the inner quality of the large-sedan S-Class

This version more passionate of the big roadster Mercedes-Benz promises the pleasure of driving to heaven discovered thanks to various solutions for the air conditioning as the system AIRCRAFT heating in the headrest. The hood has a special treatment of three layers, which guarantees a thermal and acoustic insulation exceptional, opens and closes in 17 seconds and finished off inside with nappa leather. The tires of 20-inch are of series in this release and next to the logo “V12 biturbo” and the quad-outlet exhaust it is clear that we are faced with a high-performance sports.

shall Possess all of the luxury and refinement that the rest of the range of the new S-Class, a vehicle of representation that not to triumph in all markets due to the high standards of quality that it possesses. As all S-Class also have the standard equipment for more advanced as the interior, leather-wrapped headlamps LED, camera vision 360 degrees parking aid, surround sound and various assistances to the driving alert lane change, night vision camera, alert pedestrians, lights of roads with the function of anti-glare, emergency braking, and a long etcetera.