Mercedes AMG S63 Facelift: discover the latest news in your cabin

This mule was stopped by a technical problem.

In recent months we have seen numerous prototypes of the new Mercedes-AMG S63 Facelift. A model that only evolve slightly in the aesthetic plane, but that will have a technology update important. These prototypes have been able to see, carrying different items, sometimes new bill and other belonging to the current generation, in an attempt by the brand to fool the photographers spy.

These are maneuvers typical of the signature German, which tends to disguise their prototypes with ancient pieces, instead of mounting the new and camuflarlas.

On this occasion, we have been able to get closer than ever to one of these test units, since all of our photographers have managed to hunt, and near, an issue was arrested, allowing them to come closer to your inner.

The new touchpad located on the centre tunnel.

At the exterior we find the same features that we already saw in the last unit, which Mercedes-Benz tested on the Nürburgring. With bumper more aggressive, with huge air inlets in the case of the front, large alloy wheels and sports that leave the view, huge brake discs and a bare-bones camouflage, limited only to the parts of the bumper.

In this new series of spy photos we can look for an end to its interior, in which we discovered two interesting details. On the one hand we can see the new touchpad, we already saw some days ago in another prototype of the Mercedes C-Class, and on the other hand, we found a centre tunnel completely covered in skin, in which we can clearly see the emblem Maybach, the new luxury division of Daimler.

The steering wheel was covered, so we can’t appreciate the news that might bring, however, the center console is fully exposed, keeping many similarities with the current generation. The presence of the emblem of Maybach could be due to that is a simple piece exploited to mount this mule, or perhaps, because this prototype is precisely a model that will be marketed under this brand.

The rear area was also hidden.

versions AMG should arrive shortly after the presentation of the facelift of the S-Class, which we presented in some of the larger dating european 2017.