Mercedes-AMG will make use of hybrid technology and what we will see in 2020

now is the time, will not have alternatives in order to improve the emission levels of its vehicle range and in addition you will have to face up to the movements of their rivals that they will trust to the hybridization and electrification the future of their cars in the short term. And of course, Mercedes knows that this technology can be applied to their high-performance models.


Mercedes-AMG will employ hybrid technology

Although sometimes think that a sporty hybrid may be a sacrilege, we have very clear examples of supercars such as the McLaren P1 or the Porsche 918 Spyder that are capable of lowering the emission figures at the same time that provide record-breaking numbers. it All depends on the approach.

The experience of the mark of the star on the hybrid technology is really advanced. Almost all of the models in its range will have very short-term with a hybrid version plug-in and in a few years when the range of models to ripen, it will give answer to the sub-brand BMW i, and even Tesla.

I Guess you’ve already asked yourself that is what brings to AMG, taking into account that almost all their models have a V8 engine turbo with the exception of the A45 AMG, adding the weight of electric motors and batteries. In the first place would be a burden extremely difficult to compensate to base to lighten the chassis and components of the car. But where is the good part?

Specifications AMG amoldables to any platform

Since you’ve gone ahead that Mercedes will have up to four platforms for the next generation of models and all prepared to offer solutions and hybridization, although Mercedes-AMG wants to take advantage of all of them, it works with a solution in mind.

is Going to develop in a single set, adaptable and amoldable to all of them, so you will be able to integrate any type of transmission and configuration in a single block, allowing them to seamlessly integrate any combination. What is the goal? Look for a better result on the set point regardless of the final model.

not only does This reduce development costs, and complexities of each one of the designs, but that would provide a single platform for all types of models with any design of traction and propulsion with different technologies.

Mercedes-AMG: hybrid solutions inspired in the F1

But not only is it a matter of the platforms, one or several, but to develop a new technology able to achieve a perfect combination of dynamics and weight due to the mounting of a hybrid powertrain high-performance: The answer is in the Formula 1.

Their future models will be extremely fast and one of the cards in the deck that is being studied is that of to develop a KERS system that, by using a button to achieve an increase of performance of the propulsion system for short periods of time, which is useful in circuits with long straights.

Your plans are there but AMG is going to give you a term of three years, up to 2020, to develop the technology we need because we anticipate that the future “Mercedes-AMG GT4” you can be the first to have a hybrid version of high performance.


The hybrid technology will bring us Mercedes-AMG with emissions derisory