Mercedes and the bad business of the hiperdeportivos

Currently the top sports Mercedes, is represented by the Mercedes AMG GT S. It boasts of a powerful mechanical V8 biturbo engine with 510 HP and a performance impressive, but very far from other rivals that represent the same concept sport raised to the nth power. We talk about the so-called hiperdeportivos.


The AMG GT S will continue to be the model’s most sporty Mercedes

According to Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-Benz, your company is not currently before the possibility of manufacturing a car that can reach the performance of units as exclusive as the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spyder or the McLaren P1. Considered the holy trinity of sportsmanship today.

In an interview with Autoblog, Moers claims to be focused on the development of new models GT, but none of them will be at the height prestacional of the rivals mentioned above. The intention of Mercedes is to continue to develop sports that do know how to do, as the AMG GT or the latest Mercedes SL 2016.

while it may be true that the comment of mr. Moers, it is hard to believe that Mercedes do not have the technology or ingenuity enough to develop a hiperdeportivo. Less if we take into account that your company has two seasons of Formula 1 sweeping thanks to a sensational hybrid engine.

Thus, the technology is there, but not the accounts, which do not quite fit in the heads of the board of management of Mercedes. “hiperdeportivos are not a good business”. So emphatic was the CEO, who claims that for them it would be difficult to market a car whose price to be one million euros. Approximate price of the more direct rivals.


The big V12 engines from Mercedes are taking a success not expected

whatever Mercedes does not want to get out of your comfort zone, and certainly not what you need. Last week I told how the company had to raise the pace of production of their V12 engines because they were not overwhelmed. The same goes with the V8. So for the moment, and seeing the good business they have, they will continue down that path.