Mercedes announces that it will not impose team orders if their drivers behave


In a statement posted on its official website, Mercedes AMG F1 has announced that it maintained its position not to impose team orders on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, with the goal of preserving “the essence of the Formula 1”, despite the two incidents on the track that both drivers have staged in recent months in Montmel√≥, Montreal and the Red Bull Ring.

The decision has been taken, according to the statement, in a meeting held the morning of this Thursday at Brackley, headquarters of the team, including Hamilton, Rosberg, Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe, face the Great Prize of the United Kingdom, which will be held this weekend at SIlverstone.

“Our pilots have been informed that remain free to compete for the Championship of the World. We believe that this is the essence of the Formula 1, even among peers. As competitors passionate, we want to see them compete, as the fans of the Formula 1″.

however, the team has imposed conditions for this situation to remain, and has urged its pilots to avoid in the future a new incident of the same feather. To do this, we have modified the Rules of Engagement, a kind of book of conduct internal, and trust that your drivers will respect you. Otherwise, they warn, they will take measures.

“This freedom carries with it the duty to respect the values of the team. In the last five races, there have been three incidents that had cost us 50 points in the Constructors ‘ Championship. Therefore, we have strengthened our Rules of Engagement to include disuasiones larger towards the contact between our cars. With these (disuasiones), we are confident that our pilots will know how to handle the situation between them on the track”.

“it has Also reminded the pilots that we can give instructions during the race to protect ourselves against a potential loss of points Constructors, as we did in the Monaco Grand Prix this year, when an instruction was given to Nico to stop pass to Lewis. If pilots do not comply with the revised Rules of Engagement, we could impose team orders as a last resort“.

The team ends its statement by expressing once more his confidence in his couple of pilots, and in its ability to allow the streak of successful of Mercedes:

“Finally, we have reaffirmed our confidence in Lewis and Nico as the best pair of drivers in Formula 1. Since 2013, we have won together a total of 43 races, in addition to 40 other podiums and two World Championships in a row. These numbers speak for themselves“.