Mercedes baptize you as “EQ” to your new sub-brand of electric cars

Mercedes Concept IAA

In the picture we can see the Mercedes Concept IAA presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2015.

Made just a week, we mentioned an important fact about the future plans of Mercedes-Benz for the segment of the electric vehicle. In particular, Mercedes has as its aim to launch a new subbrand in which encompass all of its electric cars to be able to compete with other firms such as Tesla Motors or BMW. And speaking of BMW, we could say that the idea that shuffles the German brand of the star is similar to what it is today-the-range “BMW i,” though, of course, with nuances.

The case is that, since we knew that Mercedes wants to create a sub-brand of electric models, it has been known that Daimler AG has begun to record a whole series of names under which, foreseeably, will baptize the different models that make up this new sub-brand. And as we shall see, all these names have something in common, the use of the acronym “EQ“.

These are some of the names that Daimler AG has registered in the patent and trademark office with the purpose of the book and, therefore, to be able to use them in the future: EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG and EQS. Also have registered the names ‘EQ Inside”, “EQ Boost” and “Generation EQ”. It is for this reason that all evidence indicates that the sub-brand of Mercedes will be baptized EQ.

Mercedes Concept IAA - lateral

Mercedes-Benz will keep launching variants electrified in their range conventional.

As you may have guessed, the vast majority of denominations registered by Daimler AG can be associated to the models that make up the current range of Mercedes-Benz. For example, the acronym “EQA” would refer to the Mercedes A-Class, while the “EQE” would do the same with the Mercedes Class E. And in the case of the mark “EQ Boost”, it would make reference to models of a mechanical hybrid plug-in.

In any case, very soon we will leave doubts, and that is that the first model which will make this new subbrand of Mercedes will be anticipated to mode prototype during the Paris motor show 2016. This prototype will be a version more rational of the Mercedes Concept IAA, a conceptual model presented by the German mark during the Frankfurt motor show 2015.

on the other hand, it is also important to remember that some of the models that make up the sub EQ of Mercedes are two sedans and two SUV/Crossovers. For its development, the engineers of the company of German make use of the new platforms EVA and EVA2 that offer a great capacity of adaptation for the installation of, for example, packages of batteries.