Mercedes beats Audi: what are the 3 “premium” more sold of the world?

it’s official. Mercedes-Benz has managed to overtake Audi by 2015. An event that is already anticipated in September, with the news that in the first eight months of the year were located as the second manufacturer premium in the world. Mercedes-Benz has closed, 2015, with a total of 1.871.511 units sold, a growth of 13.4 per cent compared to the previous year. And is largely responsible for this big push they have lived their sales this year there has been another China, where they rose by 32.6% and delivered 373.459 cars. In other words, one of every five Mercedes-Benz sold around the world end up in China.

The fact: one out of every five Mercedes-Benz are aimed at China, which is already the most important market for the German brand. Mercedes-Benz sold more than half a million SUV’s, and more than half a million compact.

The sales of Mercedes-Benz also leave us very interesting data, such as the fact that more than half a million units were SUVS, and another half a million compact (exactly 582.531 units), ranges of CLA, GLA and a-Class. Without a doubt this has been the great lever of the brand from Stuttgart. But the Mercedes C-Class remains the real star of Mercedes-Benz, with 443.909 units delivered in a year. The Class C represents a virtually one of every four Mercedes-Benz sold around the world.

In Europe have been delivered 798.852 units, in a market that has also grown over last year (+10.5 per cent). While in the Asia-Pacific region would have provided a total of 615.325 units. Germany is the european market more powerful, and shut down 2015 with 273.435 sales, followed by the Uk with 144.474 sales. Spain has been one of the markets in which Mercedes-Benz has grown this year, 27.3%, with 39.058 units sold, which would place the mark at the second position of the premium German ahead of BMW, but not Audi.

mercedes-ventas-2015-01worldwide Mercedes-Benz would have surpassed Audi in more than 70,000 units, which does not cease to be a pyrrhic victory. The brand with the four rings would have reached 1.8 million sales in 2015, and expects a good growth in this year 2016 thanks to the launch of the new Audi A4 and Q7. The data of BMW is still the unknown, but is expected to continue to keep the first rung of the podium, which he has held since the year 2005.

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