Mercedes-Benz abandons the denominacions AMG Sport


Returns the name C-43 to the gates in the rear of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-AMG is going to be easier in the future, it disappears, the distinction for purposes of denominations between the AMG “black leg” and the AMG Sport, something more decaffeinated. Both products are merged into a single range, the Mercedes-AMG.

The V6 engines will share the limelight with the V8, although the least potent since they will not follow the philosophy of “one engine, one operator”. The AMG models Sport were born to give response to those who wanted something more sporty than the models from heart of range, but they were very far away from the pocket an AMG with V8 engine.

the first is The Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, then come the Mercedes-AMG C 43 and Mercedes-AMG AND 43. The figure before is related to the displacement, but we talk about engines 3.0 V6. Thanks to turbocharging, the same displacement can give results of a much larger. The same thing has happened at BMW over the years.

┬┐Means of this movement a loss of exclusivity between the stops of range? Not necessarily, they will continue to be differentiated at the level of motorization, and the insignia, in addition to wear parts more expensive. In the circles appropriate, will continue being clear of the distinction, and that so-and-So has spent a lot more money than Mary.