Mercedes-Benz and Audi outsells: this is the top 3 global premium German

There is turmoil in the automotive industry, but especially among manufacturers considered premium . Agitation among generalists who claim their right to offer lines premium . And further agitation among the German luxury manufacturers, seeking access to more customers with more affordable products, and struggling to be present in every possible niche, however small. And that struggle has already translated into a first victory for Mercedes-Benz, Audi has overtaken as the world manufacturer – volume – in the first eight months of 2015. How do I set the top 3 of premium Germans?

Victoria at the moment, for Mercedes-Benz in its fight with Audi, but Pyrrhic. Just separate them 10,800 units.

1. BMW remains the leader , but its position is threatened by their compatriots who closely follow his footsteps. The Group BMW sold – until August inclusive – 1,429,390 units. If we limit ourselves only to BMW , as a brand, so that the top is fair, they have sold a total of 1,215,298 units . Only in China, and has sold more than 300,000 units this year, was confirmed as the most important country for the brand. A country which, incidentally, is also the key to growth of its rivals.

2. Mercedes-Benz has sold 1,187,980 units in the first eight months. And that’s just the beginning. The Germans point out that its objective is to continue growing in the coming years, as some analysts say, that growth could make its second position to continue over the coming years. Mercedes-Benz is seeing sales thrive, especially in China, where the C-Class and GLA are reaping incredible figures. Mercedes-Benz has sold 227,624 units in China so far, 2015.


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3. Audi is relegated to third place , which still remains worthy. Audi has sold until August, inclusive, 1,177,100 units . China also plays a key brand with the four rings paper, but in this case the economic instability has played against. In 2015, Audi sales in China have fallen by 4.1% and 15.4% in Russia. Audi expects to soon overcome by ensuring that in the next twelve months will be introduced in the Asian giant ten new models. Even with the setback, Audi has sold in China this year more than 361,000 cars.

audi-bmw-mercedes-02 In Spain, of course, the positions of the Top 3 are very different . In fact, in Spain the list of best-selling premium German manufacturers in 2015 would be reversed. The most prolific between January and August remained Audi (31,788 units), followed by Mercedes-Benz (25,401 units) and back considerably BMW (24,566 units), according to figures of ANFAC .

But the distances are silhouetted slowly. While Audi grew by 13.4% this year, BMW did 17.6% and Mercedes-Benz 28.2%.

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