Mercedes-Benz, and the autonomous car, they transform the minivan into a VIP lounge with 4 wheels

How will the car the day that it is not necessary for a driver to direct its operation? How to transform the technology of the autonomous car the design of the passenger compartment of a car? Long-time Mercedes-Benz is working to anticipate what will happen in that day that the cars do not need a driver. They already did at the beginning of the year, with the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion, and now do the same looking for the best use of space in a bodywork type minivan. That is to say, in a minivan. It’s called Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo and its interior is simply spectacular.

The Vision-Tokyo is a new interpretation of Mercedes-Benz on how the autonomous car will transform our vision of a private vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz ensures that the future of the automotive passes by vehicles that are not only able to take us from point X to point Y, but also of sets of algorithms that will make the machine in continuous learning. Cars that know how to take us to our destination more efficiently every day, they know our preferences and that we make life more simple, day-to-day.

By their outer look, you see that Mercedes-Benz do not only want that this prototype was very technological, but also that what it seems.


The Mercedes-Benz Vision Concept has been decorated with a paint finish aluminum-style – Alubeam – and with a lighting blue very exotic and striking, almost as much as the rear light clusters integrated in the frame of the bezel later.

we must Not forget other details, such as wheels 26”; or the shark fin on the roof, in which are found some of the sensors of the cameras that monitor all angles of a vehicle in 360°. We also looked at the absence of mirrors, or in the system access to this room VIP based on a great door-style gull-wing.

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-19Mercedes-Benz wants the interior of their autonomous cars will look like what you see above. A huge living room equipped with entertainment systems, very advanced, that take advantage of every surface – even the moons of glass – to place a screen.

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-17In any case, Mercedes would still have preserved a driving position central, highly technological, with an instrumentation based exclusively on the data projection on a transparent surface, a mode of Head-Up Display. Although being an autonomous car, we will be able to dispense with the position of the driver to opt for a true design of living room VIP (see image below with the driver’s seat killed).

mercedes-benz-vision-tokyo-12One of the extravagances, and the most surprising of this prototype, we have in a projector of holograms central, a three-dimensional interface for the control of on-board systems and entertainment equipment on the part of the passengers.


But what is more important, and the differential fact of the autonomous vehicle according to this and other visions of Mercedes-Benz, what we have in how to interact with the passengers in a car that does not need driver. Hence the design of passenger compartment with seats to mode room VIP, with a big chair that meanders throughout the cabin for passengers to interact and chat.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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