Mercedes-Benz calls to review in the U.S. several models due to problems in airbags

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz is one of the signatures premium German best valued in the united States. It may not be the market where it has its great volume, but beyond the customers tend to be loyal to the brands and to not escape any in Mercedes the know how to care. Inside of this care is to ensure their safety and because their cars are always in perfect condition.

To continue this tradition, the signing of the star has had to make a call to fix for three of its models in the country. vehicles affected are the E-Class, the GLE and GLS. As reported by the National Security Administration in the Transportation safety administration (NHTSA), these models suffer from several shortcomings.

rst default would be related to the airbags. The second would be focused on the gear lever and the central console. Finally, the third problem would be focused on the union of the windshield to the vehicle. According to the local authority for the safety and Mercedes-Benz there are no known incidents or injuries that have been caused by these failures. Therefore, to avoid that may occur in the future proceeded to make a call to fix almost massive.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63 2016

The call to review is the most important that is related to the airbags. As has informed the exchange that manages and detects the passenger in the front seat could have been installed incorrectly. This being so, the system could not detect well the passenger and deactivate the passenger airbag thinking that it is a pushchair child. In this way if there is an impact, the occupant could die or suffer wounds of high importance.

In the case of the shifters is also important. The German firm has indicated that some models could have a module malfunction and therefore could not engage some gears. To do this, they will check your operation and will have to change them in the case of being defective.

on central consoles, as reflected in the report some of the anchors could be fitted incorrectly and the console is could move. If this happen in a crash could leave farewell bumping up against the passenger provocándoles injury of importance.

In the case of windshield, according to Mercedes-Benz the binding of this to the chassis of the car could be insufficient. In this way, if there is any shock could get fired by making other users suffer any setback. So when you are reviewed, if they are defective the changed for others that are better anchored to the vehicle.

The German firm will initiate calls to their customers the first few days of the next month of march. To do this you notify them that they have to go through their official service next to verify the existence or non-existence of the faults described above.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)