Mercedes-Benz came out ahead of the prototype Vision Tokyo

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo will be one of the innovations that the German brand will be bringing to the Tokyo motor show. The image is an anticipation of the silhouette of a minivan, which ensure it has a system of driving a freelance.

Mercedes-Benz Vision TokyoMercedes has confirmed its presence in the next Tokyo motor show, and did so ahead of a first image of the prototype that will be bringing the japanese parlor. This is the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, a minivan that does not have given to know great details, beyond stating that it is a vehicle ‘self-contained, luxurious and progressive’.

Almost no official information, we can only observe the image which by way of advancement shows us the silhouette of a prototype that lets you see a body very aerodynamic, with a windshield, well-inclined, and some wheel arches bulging, which provide an overall picture muscular, and athletic, which makes us think that it could be a high performance product. Another detail that capture the attention having to do with the absence of side windows, something strange in a product of these features.

For more details will have to wait to its debut at the Tokyo motor show in a few more days.