Mercedes-Benz could be the next to have a Dieselgate

we don’t get tired of saying it, but it turns out to be. Have had that pillar, with hands in the dough, the Volkswagen Group in the counterfeiting of NOx emissions of their diesel engines in order that justice might investigate. It seems all the brands have done the same (to avoid generalizations and accusations will tell you that have adjusted the most to the rules of approval) and because of this they are giving the news which is now discussed.

First was Volkswagen Group (globally), then Mitsubishi (in Japan), the third Fiat Chrysler Cars – FCA (united States), fourth Renault (in France) and now it is the turn of Daimler AG, or what is the same, Mercedes-Benz. The press and the authorities of the united States carry a time after the signing of the star, but as has been communicated to the journal specialized German Süddeutsche Zeitung, the problem would also be in Germany.

As has been communicated by this medium, the German authorities are investigating a Mercedes-Benz for having sold more than a million vehicles with emissions of NOx irregular. The trap would be in the diesel engines of 4 and 6-cylinder, known internally as the OM642 and OM651. In these blocks, would have introduced a system similar to that used by the Volkswagen Group to camouflage the emissions of their engines.

more than a million units models fraudulent that it would have sold Mercedes-Benz would be the Class C, class E and Class R. According to this journal, on the time period in which this has happened has been drawn between 2008 and 2016 and would have given the same in Europe and the united States. In addition, since this means it is intended that within Daimler AG there would be some employees who would be aware of this situation but that would not have been involved in its creation.

to reach this conclusion would have led to several investigations. Among them would be the registration of the headquarters of Daimler AG in Stuttgart on the 23rd of may. Will have to see how solves this situation the German group, but be certain its credibility and the exponential growth they were experiencing, their sales will suffer for sure.

Source – Daily Süddeutsche Zeitung

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