Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe 2018, almost ready and bare


The new E-Class coupe is already ready.

Our photographers have been able to grasp once more the new generation of the Mercedes Benz E-Class coupe. On this occasion, the copy that appears in the photographs looks virtually your body uncovered, covering only certain areas of their body with the usual camouflage of vinyl, which still allows us to see almost the entire the new design of this sport variant of the Class E.

In this new series of images, we can see that the overall design of the new coupe E-Class is very similar at the of his younger brother in the range, the C-Class Coupé. The readings of the lines that make up your silhouette are obviously similar, although a second glance reveals their obvious differences.

The windshield and the roof line look more inclined in this model, in the same way, the fold that forms the waist line feature of the C-Class Coupé disappears in this model, giving rise to a surface much more smooth to offer the impression of increased size.


New design, more clean for the E-Class Coupe 2018.

Front used to continue the same design pattern in the C-Class Coupe, however, we can clearly see as their traits seem to but they are not identical really. Both the optical front as the rears have been profiled with other lines, but the more profane could find them similar.

In the rear, in fact, we can see how the camouflage is not able to hide the fact that the optical group later take up more space on the trunk lid. Element this which has a lower line more curved than in the C-Class two-door.

The new E-Class Coupé will be positioned mid-way between the C-Class Coupe and the larger S-Class Coupé, counting all of them with a similar aesthetic you obviously drink from the same sources.


the silhouettes of the three coupes are very similar.

The arrival of this new version, which will enrich the recently introduced
E-class, it will be for early 2017, with possible dates
presentation between the Hall of Detroit, 2017, which is held in January
this year or already at the Geneva motor show, an event as every year
held during the month of march.