Mercedes-Benz ensures that the new E-Class already is, of series, a autonomous car

In the last few months we have seen how different authorities were sending driving licences autonomous, that is to say, permits for research and development in the public roads of cars able to travel without a driver. We saw the licenses of California and later in Nevada, and even in Spain have already been granted the corresponding permissions to a Citroen C4 Picasso with an experimental system of driving autonomously. That being said, what is the peculiarity of this Mercedes E-Class that has just received permission in the state of Nevada? Notes: this Mercedes E-Class is exactly the same as any other that is available starting this year, with the caveat that the law will allow circular “without a driver”. Simply because it is an autonomous car, capable of traveling without a driver.

Except for some adjustments of your software, this autonomous car is exactly the same as any of the Mercedes E-Class that will arrive in dealerships this year.

The needed hardware that requires a car to allow her movement without a driver passes by additional sensors, new systems for the control of the direction, adaptations in the control of stability, or even entire computer systems more powerful. The interesting thing of this new autonomous car from Mercedes-Benz is, according to its creators is exactly the same as the new Mercedes s Class And 2016 that will be presented in a few days in Detroit. Their technology is exactly the same that will be in dealerships this year.

The only difference lies in the software that controls the unit DRIVE PILOT, and that has been conditioned (according to Mercedes, with minor modifications) to allow functions of automation of the driving much more advanced of the that offer their clients in the coming months. In other words, technically the new Mercedes E-Class could become an autonomous vehicle with something as simple as a software update. Interesting, don’t you think?


  • time it seems that Mercedes-Benz is going to offer the possibility of transforming a Class And in a Class And autonomous to their customers, or even going to be updates that add features as advanced as an auto-pilot in very concrete, as did Tesla Motors with their Model S. The case of the Class E self-registered in Nevada is rather a good example of the technical level that they have reached the modern cars and reminds us that the only thing that separates us from the autonomous car is to create a series of advanced algorithms of automation of the driving, learning systems of the automated tests that ensure its reliability to 100%, and the trust of clients, and rulers, to authorize its arrival to the general public.

    finally, it only remains to say that this Mercedes-Benz E-Class, self-flow through Nevada, although technically not make it without a driver. Although the technical delegate all the work of driving in the car, by legal requirement should be to permanently monitor the driving to take the controls in the event of any incident.

    Source: Mercedes-Benz
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