Mercedes Benz G-Class LAPV, which lacked the G-Class: go armed

Coincidences of life. A vehicle that started off being specifically designed for the military ends up becoming one of the historical references of the suvs. And this in turn ends up becoming what you see here, in a Mercedes G-Class LAPV or what is the same, Light Armor Patrol Vehicle (patrol Vehicle of light weapons).


One of the sightings more rare in recent times. There is No doubt

As you will see, the sighting has taken place in the north of Europe, where the entire fleet of prototypes will gather to perform the usual test of winter. Although it already seems to be a car ginormous, it is the time to see it parked next to a BMW X3 when everything seems to take on a greater dimension.

Under all of that body of war is hidden a Mercedes G 500 4×42. This is currently the most wild and uncontrollable of the Mercedes Class G. Although the body is not anything similar, we can find elements G in the LAPV, such as the wheel arches or the front, that is certainly reminiscent of the first Class G.

Where one realizes really what car is hiding under all of that aggressive body style is when looking at the chassis, the suspensions and the wheels. Given the bulky weight of the “animal”, each wheel is supported by two shock absorbers of high compression and high performance. Exactly as in the G 500 4×42.

If we talk about the interior, it looks like the steering wheel belonging to Mercedes, is the only component that seems to save a screen total. Note that there are many elements to add and test. What? Since we have no idea, because the truth is that never before had we seen a prototype of this categoría.


Its size is enormous, which is to pass unnoticed, not passes

we Imagine that Mercedes is testing this Mercedes G-Class so gargantuan with a view to equip any army, but the truth is that little or nothing we know. Nor do we miss being in front of a One-Off. A request unique to a particular that you have decided to order a Mercedes. Something similar to what you would get with a Sentinel american.